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Shout Out: The Walking Dead

From the Comic Series

  • The helicopter crew from Vol. 4 are from "some news station... the one with the asshole weatherman" referencing Romero's Dawn of the Dead.
  • Rick and Shane find a zombie that looks a lot like MC Frontalot eating a deer. He is wearing Frontalot's signature glasses and tie, and has a nametag that reads "FRONT."
  • In the first issue we meet Morgan Jones and his son, Duane. Duane Jones was the name of the actor who played Ben in the original Night of the Living Dead.

From the TV Series

  • Carl's T-Shirt has the logo for Science Dog on it, which is a reference to Robert Kirkman's other comic book series, Invincible.
  • The CDC has been referring to the zombie problem under the code name "Wildfire," and they've been studying it in their secret underground lab. "Wildfire" was also the government's code name for certain categories of pandemic, and the secret underground lab built to combat them, in The Andromeda Strain.
  • In "Bloodletting," you see for a split second quite a bit of Blue Sky in Merle's drug stash while Daryl is looking for some antibiotics for T-Dog.
  • As Glenn is explaining his plucky compliance to the group's sometimes insane requests of him to Maggie, he likens it to "playing Portal."
  • T-Dog compares Daryl to Rambo in his search for Sophia.
  • In "Prey", while looking for Andrea in the warehouse, the Governor starts dragging his shovel on the ground and whistling a song, much like in The Shining.
  • In "This Sorrowful Life", when Merle is rounding up walkers to lure towards the governor, the first walker we see, stumbling out of the building, looks a lot like one of the zombies encountered at the airport in Dawn of the Dead.
  • In "Infected", according to the Word of God, the scene of man getting out bed after turning into a walker and his guts spill out of his body is a homage to a scene from Day of the Dead.
  • In "Seed", when Carl is picking through the abandoned kitchen, a tin of canned meat can be seen with the brand name "Smeat", most likely in reference to the preferred food of smokers in Waterworld.
    • The packaging is in fact identical. This is noted to be a common prop, however its prevalence in the aforementioned film - which features a post-apocalyptic setting populated by scavengers surviving on the leftovers of civilization - supports the idea that it may have been used deliberately in this case.
  • The cold open to "The Grove", with The Ink Spots' song "Maybe" playing on the soundtrack, is very much in the style of the original Fallout, going from a wholesome kitchen setting to reminding that there's a zombie apocalypse underway. You almost expect Ron Perlman to narrate how war never changes when the opening credits roll.
  • During the tunnel attack in "Us", we briefly glimpse a walker that's a dead ringer for "Bub" from Day of the Dead.

From the Video Game

  • Duck is heard mentioning Super Dinosaur, a kid's comic done by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.
  • Carley is a reporter in a Zombie Apocalypse who's demonstrated skill is marksmanship, exactly like Alyssa of Resident Evil Outbreak. Or, she's Rebecca Chang. Bonus points for sharing a physical resemblance.
  • Lee bears a fairly strong resemblance to Marvin Branagh, but he's an ex-convict instead of a cop.
  • Glenn was hiding in an icebox. Asian man hiding in an icebox... Where have we seen this before?
  • One of the achievements for Episode 2: "You Fight Like a Dairy Farmer".
  • In Episode 2, After finding out the St. Johns are using Mark for dinner, one of the things that Lee can shout at the dinner table is "IT'S PEOPLE!" But this choice causes the group to dismiss you as behaving weird, and everyone, including Clementine, starts eating, so the game even gives you a backhanded slap for trying to be meta.
  • In Episode 3, a container of Banang can be seen in the cup holder.
    • The Banang container returns in 400 Days. It's on the pantry shelf in the diner during Shel's story. And in Episode one of Season Two, it shows up again, this time it can be seen next to the sink during the kitchen scene.
  • In Episode 3, Duck will try to join in your investigation of the missing medicines, calling himself Dick Grayson and you "the greatest detective."
  • When Lee discovers the blow torch has a gas leak, Omid tells him to turn it off because he doesn't want to lose an eyebrow.
  • There are a number of Star Wars references in Episode 4; Ben at one point utters the line "I have a bad feeling about this..."
    • Later, Molly loans Hilda to Lee. When he promises to not scratch it, Molly responds "I've got your promise, right? Not a scratch"?
  • Ben looks and acts a lot like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
  • This isn't the first time someone known as Dr. Logan has worked through the rigors of a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Molly sneaks around in her hood, and hacks people with mountain gear Hilda like its a scythe. Like an assassin.
  • At one point in Episode 4 Molly calls Lee a chicken, at which point Lee can angrily ask "What did you call me?" Bonus points for Tell Tale Games developing for that series of games, too.
  • When the group is trapped in the mansion, if you wait long enough before starting to break down the wall, Christa will say that they aren't lifers in a prison that can spend 30 years digging a hole out of there.
  • Brie's death is the requisite intestines-spewing death seen in tons of zombie movies since Day of the Dead. Too bad they didn't have Brie yell "Choke on 'em!".
  • In episode 1 of season 2, Clementine encounters a dog named Sam.
  • Another bottle of Banang can be seen by the sink in the kitchen during the scene where Carlos treats Clementine's wound.
  • In Episode 2 of Season 2, one of the lodge's Christmas decorations is a duck that will look very familiar to people who've played Gone Home.
  • In that same episode, the ski resort itself is called the Lone Pine Ski Resort.
  • When in the comic shop in Season 2, Episode 3, you can see, briefly, a few posters of Invincible, on of Robert Kirkman's other stories.
  • The logo on Nick's hat looks a lot like the stylised 'O' from Halo.

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