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Drinking Game: The Walking Dead
Drinking game for The Walking Dead:

  • Take a drink when someone dies.
    • Take two drinks if they weren't killed by a zombie.
    • Take another drink if the body comes back as a zombie.
  • Take a drink when a zombie is killed. (Warning: may be heavy in certain episodes.)
    • Take two drinks if it's killed without a gun.
  • Take two drinks if the aftermath of an obvious suicide is found.
  • Take a drink whenever a word for zombie e.g. "walker" is said.
    • Take two drinks if it's a word for zombie that hasn't previously been used on the show.
  • Take a drink whenever Hershel and Rick have a discussion about leadership.
  • In season 2, take a drink whenever you see Carl outside of the house. (Warning: May cause alcohol poisoning and/or death.)
    • Take two drinks whenever a character mentions that Carl isn't in the house.
  • Take a drink whenever "Woodbury" or "prison" is said in season 3, or "Terminus" in season 4 part 2.
  • Take a drink whenever Shane rubs his head.
  • Take a drink whenever Dale pulls one of his famous Dale-faces.
  • Take a drink whenever you hear a Southern rock song in the background.
  • Take a drink whenever Daryl aims his crossbow. Take another one if he makes a kill.
  • Take a drink whenever Rick says "thangs."

For the Telltale Video Game (the first eight rules of the above apply):

  • Take a drink every time Ben fucks up.
    • Take a drink every time somebody dies because of Ben.
    • If you are very sympathetic take a drink every time you feel bad for Ben.
  • Take a drink every time Kenny and Lily have a fight.
  • Take a drink every time Clementine dictates your moral values (e.g. not killing certain people because she'd disapprove/witness it).
  • Take a drink every time Clementine goes missing.
  • Take a drink every time Clementine gets volunteered for something extremely dangerous, despite the presence of capable adults.
    • Take another drink when someone actually points this out.
  • Take a drink every time Clementine calls adults out on being childish and irrational.
    • If it's Kenny, take a proper swig from a bottle.
  • Take a drink every time Kenny fails to back you up, asks you to do something arguably immoral and berates you not doing said immoral things (if you so choose).
  • Take a drink every time Kenny angrily insists on doing something suicidally reckless.
  • Take a drink every time someone beats the crap out of Kenny.
    • Take a proper swig if he actually wins a fight against another human.
  • Take a drink each time a Quick Time Event is cut off before you can complete it (usually because of scripted moments).
  • Take a drink every time a person you saved from dying ends up getting killed later on anyway.
  • Take a drink any time a character whines about the lack of a plan. Then take another drink if they refuse to suggest anything.

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