Series: Russian Roulette

A GSN Game Show in which four contestants competed in a last-player-standing quiz contest. Each player stands on one of the six trap doors on the circular floor. A player who misses a multiple-choice question must play Russian Roulette, by pulling a lever to spin the "Drop Zones", to stay in the game.

The first question had one Drop Zone, indicated by a red border; each question after that added a Drop Zone until five were in play. Any contestant standing in a Drop Zone fell three feet (five feet in season 1) through the floor and out of the game. The last contestant in the game advanced to the Bonus Round for a chance to win up to $100,000.

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round: A bit different, depending on the season. In either case, the player had :60 to complete the round, with a drop zone opening every ten seconds, and victory awarding $10,000.
    • Season 1: Five "killer" questions (word jumbles, math problems and general-knowledge questions) were read, and the player had to say "My answer is..." before each answer. Each right answer was worth $500.
    • Season 2. Ten multiple-choice questions (each with three choices), worth $300 apiece. The player no longer had to say "My answer is..." before each answer. Also see Obvious Rule Patch.
  • Deadly Game: The game was named after and the premise was built around one.
  • Eject The Loser: Hence, the drop zones.
  • Let's Just See What WOULD Have Happened: If a player won the $10,000, he could play one more round of Russian Roulette with the drop zones that had opened for a chance at $90,000 more, with a drop losing the $10,000. Even if he declined, they would pull the handle anyway (with the player off the drop zone) to see what would have happened.
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