YMMV / Russian Roulette

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: One contestant revealed that he broke his nose and arm once. In an air guitaring accident. To the tune of Bon Jovi. When the round actually began, Mark simply told him that he had "the highest score and the silliest accident, so we're starting with you."
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • The three $100,000 wins. The last one, also the only win of Season 2, had five Drop Zones in play.
    • Also, there was one episode where a man named Pat started out as the challenger. He never did anything else and survived to the penultimate round, when the other guy, after answering himself for a few questions, decided to challenge him. Mark said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Pat is going to answer a question now." The audience then applauded and cheered at this. But then, Pat proceeded to get the question right and challenge his opponent on the next question. The opponent got the question wrong, all of his money went to Pat, and time went out, meaning that Pat won by only answering one question. Then, he won the $10,000. He didn't go for the $100,000, but it should be noted that in Season 2, if you decide not to go for it, the Drop Zone will never stay shut to prevent a Tear Jerker. If one looks closely at when Pat tried to see what would have happened, he would have won the $100,000 by answering only 11 questions in the whole game.
  • What An Idiot:
    • On a few occasions while passing questions, the passer said what the answer was (before the choices were revealed). Subverted, whenever an answer was given in passing and the contestant that had to answer never picked up on it.
    • The second season was the birthplace to one of the biggest fails in game show history. A contestant was asked "Shagreen, the newest rage in leather, is made from either shark or what other sea creature?" His choices were cod, stingray, sea urchin, and eel. Keep that in mind when reading the following dialogue.
    Contestant: Well, Mark, I'm going to say shark.
    Mark: (stunned) Okay, except that's not one of the choices! (timer runs out and audience laughs) Cod, stingray, sea urchin, or eel. You answered shark. Is it shark?
    Mark: Go figure, Ned! The answer was stingray. Which can often be confused. Except when... it's not.
    • Prior to that, he guessed that Ben Green invented car wax after testing it on his bald head, much to Mark's amusement. Amazingly, this contestant won that episode, despite not giving a single correct answer aside from the bonus round.