Series: Review With Myles Barlow

Review with Myles Barlow is an Australian television series that falls most definitely under the category of a black comedy. The show is written by Phil Lloyd (aka Myles Barlow), and is also co-written and directed by Trent O'Donnell. Each episode goes for 30 minutes, with the first two series having six episodes.

Myles Barlow is a critic, who will review anything and everything. The show begins with Myles reading out the "Letter of the Week", then addressing what he believes to be the letter's main theme. It is a rare thing that Myles will actually give any helpful advice to the author of the letter. One of Myles's running gags seems to be overly long metaphors, which eventually becomed so derailed that even he has forgotten what he was talking about.

An American adaptation of this series, titled simply Review, began airing on Comedy Central in 2014.

This series contains examples of:

  • Adult Fear: Reviewing divorce. Imagine your husband coming home one day, demanding a divorce out of the blue, and saying he never loved you.
    • Now imagine that a woman whom you love and are loved by stops loving you and hates your guts overnight, and that you have nobody but yourself to blame.
  • Comically Missingthe Point: When Myles reviews divorcing his wife, him telling her she wants a divorce obviously leads to a fight. One of the things she is upset about is that Myles is eating an apple during the confrontation.
  • Bithe Way: Myles is married to a woman, and he sleeps with other women as well. But, he also solicits a male prostitute at one point and preforms oral sex on a man for twenty dollars while reviewing destitution.
  • Drastically Missingthe Point: Someone sends a letter to Myles asking whether he should open a club, and Myles decides to review starting a CULT.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In one episode, Myles reviews committing murder. The victim he chose was Toby, the propriter of a newsstand who short-changed Myles one day. Afterwards, Myles found the missing change in his back pocket.
  • Divorce Is Temporary: Subverted. When reviewing bachelor parties/buck parties, the divorced Mr. Barlow pointed out that he needed to first be engaged to be married. Cue Myles standing outside his ex wife's front door with flowers and a wedding ring.
    Catherine: "Myles?"
    Myles: "What do you say Catherine, should we give it another chance?"
    Catherine: *closes door in Myles's face*
  • Driven to Suicide: Graham, the man Myles agrees to counsel when reviewing stress. Since the segment ends with Myles having a heart attack whilst trying to get some candles for Graham's cake, it's left open as to whether Graham did go through with the suicide.He later appears in the Christmas special, and is reunited with his father , and reveals he was molested by his father as a child
  • Even Evil Has Standards: How Myles's drug dealers react when he is reviewing addiction.
    Myles: "Well, I don't want my kids to see me getting high." *chuckles*
    Drug Dealer: "That's not funny mate."
  • He Knows Too Much: In addition to murdering poor Toby (see Disproportionate Retribution above), Myles also murders two other people (a woman and later an old man) who witnessed him in the act.
  • Jerkass Hasa Point: When Myles is reviewing divorce, his (now ex) wife demanded and won full custody of their children. This seems like she's preventing Myles from seeing his children out of spite ... until her divorce lawyer produces evidence that Myles has (among other things) been a member of the Taliban. The fact that Myles murdered three people earlier in this episode, and that in later episodes he reviewed things like voyeurism and addiction, support his ex wife's claim.
  • Metaphorgotten: Myles seems to have perfected this trope.
  • Molotov Cocktail: In the episode where Myles roadtests acceptance by joining a biker gang, he uses a molotov cocktail to burn down the headquarters of a rival gang
  • Villain Protagonist: Myles Barlow. Some of the things he reviewed include murder (he killed three people), starting a cult (which ended in a gunfight), risk (specifically drug running), and stealing (specifically, stealing everything he can get his hands on).