Series / Mirrorman

Mirrorman is a tokusatsu series running from 1971-1972 from Tsuburaya Productions, the same guys behind the Ultra Series.

A race of invaders known only as The Invaders are planning to invade Earth and it is up to Kagami Koutaro, a.k.a. Mirrorman and Science Guard Members SGM0 to stop them. Whenever Koutaro runs into trouble, he looks into a reflective surface and transforms into Mirrorman, son of 2nd and 3rd Dimension beings!

Mirrorman provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Darker and Edgier: Than anything Tsuburaya had done before
  • Retool: Episode 26 had the series become yet another generic Ultra clone, making SGM another Science Patrol and making the battles much more Ultra-like.