Series / Mighty Jack

Mighty Jack is a 26-episode action-adventure series from Tsuburaya Productions, creators of Ultraman. Episodes from the series were edited together by Sandy Frank into a movie.

An evil criminal organization called Q has plans for world domination, so a high-tech crime-fighting unit is formed to fight Q; this unit is called Mighty Jack. Mighty Jack operates out of a secret base where they can launch their super-duper submarine/jet hybrid vehicle. Q kidnaps a man named Mr. Atari because they want the secret of Mighty Jack. The MJ unit is sent out by some old guy to rescue him.

In the second half of the "movie", using stolen research plans, Q has developed a new ice that stays solid at high temperatures and also an instant-freeze gun that uses this "hot ice". Q destroys an artificial island with its instant-freezing weapons and then uses a fake iceberg made of hot ice as their new base. Mighty Jack is called in to fight Q again and the hunt is on.

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