Series / Devil Beside You

A cute girl develops a crush on the basketball captain, but discovers that he likes her, too! The two seem destined to be together, at least, until he shows up. He is Jiang Meng, better known as Ahmon or the Prince of Seduction, and he seems hellbent on destroying Qi Yue's life, blackmailing and embarrassing her. However, Ahmon's father—the wealthy president of the college—is getting married to Qi Yue's mother. Qi Yue soon discovers that the cute bad boy Ahmon is not that bad. If you've ever read or watched any romantic Asian media, you can figure out how it ends.

This predictable but cute Taiwanese TV drama starring Rainie Yang and Mike He did exceptionally well. The 20-episode series was based on the manga Akuma de Sourou.

This show provides examples of: