Recap / Rocky Jones Escape Into Space

Series: Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Title: "Escape Into Space"
Alt Title: N/A
Number Of Episodes: 1
Recapper: Tustin2121

Rocky and Winky are taking some time off in their quarters after getting back from a trip out. Rocky is busy with various paperwork, but Winky is trying to get a date. He's flipping through his little black book and calling via VizeoGraph various girls. One of the girls is in the shower when he calls, and the Vizeo Graph gives us the full shot of it, including rolling into the bathroom. Winky is a little flustered by this, but she doesn't seem to be. Turns out every girl he calls has a date already.

Then someone calls him: It's Secretary Drake. Apparently Vizeo Graphs act just like phones (at the time), in that they have busy signals, but no call waiting. He explains the situation (told to us via cut aways during Winky's comedic date hunting): A guy named Truck Harmon has taken an unlicensed flight into space carrying wads of cash. He is in trouble with federal authorities due to illicit trafficking (possibly narcotics) and has been subpoenaed on the matter. So Truck took off into space, where he is now in the jurisdiction of the Space Rangers. Rocky is tasked to get him back.

The mission isn't of vital importance, so they decide to wait until the Orbit Jet is ready, the next day at noon. In that time, Bobby manages to weasel his and Vena's way into the crew, as it turns out Truck is heading to Fornax, and Bobby wants to see his friend Volica again.

They are soon on their way. But they run into a snag: a "meteor pack" (a random knot of floating rocks) is on a collision course. Winky detects it on the radar (which is now in front of the ship instead of in the navigation section) and alerts Rocky. They make evasive maneuvers and are slightly damaged (an "instrument buckle").

They soon pick up the distress cries of Truck Harmon and his shipmate Lawson. Turns out they were broadsided by a meteor and are adrift, powerless and losing air quickly. It also turns out that Truck is not very space-savvy: when asked his position, he cries "here in the spaceship!" as opposed to the coordinates his shipmate spells out.

Rocky and Winky decide to help him and maneuver to find him. Truck, however, decides to take this time to lock Lawson in the damaged navigation section of the ship, killing him from lack of oxygen.

Rocky's ship soon finds Truck's and Rocky dons his oxygen suit and cuts through the hull of his ship (which, by the magic of magnetism, cuts through the hull of the other ship) and allows Rocky to climb through and get Truck. Rocky finds Lawson's body and Truck says repeatedly that it is a shame and that he tried to save him. Rocky quickly puts together that Truck killed him.

Winky welds the hole shut again in the engine room as Bobby whistles on the bridge, much to the annoyance of Truck. This apparently signifies to Rocky that Truck is a very superstitious man (because supposedly whistling on a sailing ship is bad luck? And this extends to a space vessel with no sails?). Truck expresses his "luck" that the closest moon is Fornax, where he was heading (apparently, once you get to Fornax once, it's a lot easier to do so and land successfully). Rocky tells Bobby he is allowed to whistle, which prompts Truck to attack him, but Rocky quickly attacks back and gives him a good uppercut.

Upon landing on Fornax, Zorovak expresses his desire to deport him. But Rocky, following strictly to the laws of the Space Rangers and the interplanetary laws of the United Worlds, says that he cannot simply be deported back to Earth. Of course, Truck seems perfectly content to continue his trafficking from Fornax, but Rocky and Winky are determined to find a lawful way to get him back to Earth and his subpoena. Rocky determines that they could use the apparent murder of Lawson, since murder is within the jurisdiction of the Space Rangers. But at the moment it's all hearsay.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Volica are reunited and talking again. We learn its been around a year since they last visited (and yet they haven't grown older at all) and Bobby's been filling her in on Earth holidays (or, more precisely, American holidays, since the Fourth of July is brought up). Bobby, however, has apparently forgot to tell her about Halloween, and how could he forget! It's the day when everyone "pretends to be scared" of various things.

Cue Vena screaming in terror from a "ghost" controlled by Bobby and Volica, and Rocky and Winky coming to her rescue, the latter of whom is also terrified of this. Bobby soon shows Rocky and Winky the device which made the ghost - apparently a child's play thing with the ability to levitate without the use of any air propulsion (given that a sheet is completely covering it). This gives Rocky (and Winky) an idea: "Are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking? Well, give me credit, I thought of it too!"

Rocky soon follows Truck into that room that previously the VizeoGraph couldn't penetrate. But now it can, but only audio. Vena is ready with the logbook as she and the others watch, or rather listen, via Vizeo Graph. Rocky unleashes the ghost on him, as the ghost of Lawson. This causes Truck great terror and he confesses that he sealed Lawson in the room, which Vena takes down. Shortly after the confession, Rocky reveals himself to take Truck into custody, but a fist fight starts that destroys nearly every object in the room.

Soon, Rocky is victorious and taking Truck back to Earth. Bobby says his farewells again to Volica and the ship takes off for home.