Recap / Penny And Aggie The Popsicle War Malcolm

"When an irresponsible actor acts the role of a responsible man who pretends to be irresponsible, that situation might lead him to an unexpected response."
— The Penny and Aggie Archives page chapter description

This brief chapter focuses on Stan in the wake of his breakup with Michelle. It opens with Stan and Aggie rehearsing Macbeth Act IV, Scene 3, in which Malcolm claims moral unfitness to lead the rebellion against Macbeth, then reveals, when Macduff reacts with despair, that he was merely testing Macduff's integrity. After rehearsal, Stan discovers with concern a book about portion control in Michelle's purse. Catching him about to browse it, Michelle angrily snatches the book from his hand. Stan starts to express concern that Cyndi may be pressuring her not to eat, but Michelle cuts him off, claiming "women have to watch themselves" and saying it's none of his business. Stan appears to agree and wash his hands of it. He then greets Jack and Katy-Ann with a barrage of over-the-top upbeat patter, leading Katy-Ann to suspect something's wrong.


  • Guilt-Ridden Accomplice
  • Motor Mouth: Stan's guilt-concealing patter in front of Jack and Katy-Ann.
  • Weight Woe: The first evidence of Michelle's eating disorder appears.
  • Yes-Man: Stan butters up Machrie for one of his outlandish spur of the moment directing ideas, to Aggie's disgust.
  • You Are Fat: Stan worries that Cyndi's been, in effect, telling Michelle this.