Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 02 Gamera

Film watched: Gamera aka Giant Monster Gamera

This is one of the nine Sandy Frank Japanese films originally used for a KTMA episode that was riffed again a few years later on Comedy Central.

The KTMA Segments:

Segment 1
  • Joel shows how Crow was frozen into the SOL's Christmas tree, and that they're doing another Gamera movie.

Segment 2
  • Joel checks up at Servo, who compliments Crow as a Christmas tree. Joel then answers a message about his hair stylist, which leads him to roll credits up to the stylist's name.

Segment 3
  • Joel answers some more messages, and asks Gypsy to do her Godzilla impression. Joel then asks the viewers about their opinions about colorization.

Segment 4
  • More messages are answered, including members of the "Coalition of Friends for Giant Mutant Turtles" and the "Friends of the Coalition for Giant Slimey Lizards with Long Nasty Tongues". Cambot replays footage from Gamera and Barugon's bout, which Servo concludes that it was a fair fight.

Segment 5
  • Joel thanks the viewers for their calls, and Cambot replays footage of Crow's freezing. Joel explains the Christmas and Hannukah to Gypsy, to which the two sing "O Tannenbaum" to Crow.

The KTMA version provides examples of:

The Comedy Central version provides examples of: