Funny / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 03 E 02 Gamera

  • The establishing shot of the talk show where the Eskimo artifact telling about Gamera is discussed — a sign reading "New York News Studnote ". After a few beats, the smirking host appears in front of the sign.
    Crow: (as host) Hello, ladies!
    • During the scene when Kenny sees Gamera for the first time, after being forced to get rid of his beloved pet turtle Tibby.
      Crow: (as Gamera) Those kids at school, they tease you, Kenny... because they've never tasted Hell. Today, we turn the tables!
      (later, when Kenny's parents see him) Now, what's this about Kenny not being allowed to keep a turtle?
    • On the Spinning Paper:
      Servo: "Smash! Newspaper hits Japanese in face!"
      Joel: (as a Japanese guy looks up from his paper) "Ow, that stung!"