Recap / Kim Possible S 2 E 22 Blush

Dr. Drakken is back, with a new tactic. Instead of attacking Kim directly, he'll spray her with the pollen of a rare flower, which causes her to start fading out of existence when she suffers embarrassment. Now Ron has to get the antidote, but with Kim defying her grounding to go on a date, time is running out. Can Ron save Kim before she gets embarrassed out of existence?

This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Parodied; Ron holds the Wade-bot as its screen flickers out.
  • Embarassing Old Videos: Kim's younger brothers flash a movie of her taking a bath as a kid onto a wall during her date.
  • Failure Montage: The episode begins with a series of quick scenes in which Dr. Drakken gloats that Kim is about to witness his imminent victory, after which Kim defeats him as usual.
  • Find the Cure: Ron goes to find the pollen, which should cure Kim if she gets a second dose.
  • Flaw Exploitation: Dr. Drakken exploits Kim's teenager flaw of embarrassment.
  • Forgot About His Powers: the "Wade-bot" launches itself off a cliff in the Amazon with Ron and Rufus. Wade only remembers after the leap that he forgot to install the parachute. Yet just a few minutes earlier the Wade-bot had a hang-glider attachment to save Ron and Rufus from plummeting down a waterfall. Conveniently, he forgets about this gizmo once it could be useful again.
  • Inevitable Waterfall: Ron, Rufus, and the Wade-bot plummet over the falls while in the jungle.
  • Literal Metaphor: A subtle example — the flower pollen Drakken uses on Kim causes the target to start actually disappearing when they become embarrassed (and thus wish they could just disappear).
  • Mugged for Disguise/Paper-Thin Disguise: Shego overpowers a waiter and steals his shirt, but doesn't do anything to conceal the lower half of her outfit or her distinctive skin tone.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Kim accelerates the process when she leaves her room to go on a date with a crush.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Parodied when Ron refuses to leave the wrecked Wade-bot until the real Wade calls and tells him he's fine.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: After the opening Failure Montage, an exasperated Dr. Drakken declares that he's going to take care of Kim once and for all:
    Drakken: I'm serious, Shego — Kim Possible has foiled my plans for the last time!
    Shego: Yeah, the last time today, maybe.
  • Panthera Awesome: A panther chases Ron, Rufus, and the Wade-bot.
  • Security Cling: Rob grabs hold of the Wade-bot as their boat plummets over the falls.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Ron begins bragging after making it through the rapids, only to find that he's heading toward a waterfall.
    • Ron says that a particular place looks safe to land... and they run into wildlife.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Josh Mankey, a classmate who knows nothing about Kim's condition, gets her to expose herself to more potential embarrassment by asking her on a date.
  • Wipe That Smile Off Your Face: Kim's mouth disappears as she gets close to fading out of existence.