Recap / Inside No 9 S 2 E 6 Seance Time

Tina attends a séance at an old Victorian house. She meets Madam Talbot, a blind, elderly medium; and Hives, Talbot's strange assistant. During the seance the furniture shakes, objects fly, Talbot spews ectoplasm from her mouth, and her voice becomes low and demonic. Tina is terrified, but Hives encourages her not to "break the circle." A demon appears and Tina screams. Hives reveals himself as Terry, the host of hidden camera show Scaredy Cam; the entire séance was a prank for TV. Scaredy Cam had been cancelled, but it is now returning on a different channel; Tina remembers enjoying a prank where Terry dressed as a gorilla and a young boy wet himself.

The production crew begins setting up for the next victim of the prank. The Blue Demon Dwarf's actor chats with makeup artist Amanda and Talbot's actress Anne, both of whom ignore him. He tries to ask Terry why the original script had a "Spirit of Little Boy" in place of the demon, but Terry is evasive and makes up an excuse to leave. He notices what he thinks is water on the floor, and orders it to be cleaned up. The actors get back into place for the prank and Terry, as "Hives", shows in a new mark named Pete. However, the footage is near-unusable: Pete swears constantly, breaks props, laughs at inappropriate moments, and takes a phone call during the séance. Backstage, producer Gemma notices that the camera footage has become mysteriously blurry. The prank continues to go wrong, with Anne saying unscripted lines ("Where's Mummy?") and the Blue Demon Dwarf missing his cue. When the demon finally appears, Pete punches him, and the actor collapses. It seems that no one remembers the actor's name. Terry becomes anxious; he reveals that the prank where the child wet himself caused so many complaints that the show was cancelled. Gemma attempts CPR, but the actor has died.

Everyone waits for police to arrive. Terry tries to ask Anne why she went off-script during the prank, but she can't remember doing this. When Pete leaves, Terry plots to try to save the show by making it look like Pete deliberately attacked the Blue Demon Dwarf's actor. A disgusted Gemma refuses to co-operate and storms off, leaving Terry alone backstage. The camera footage goes blurry again, and Terry sees from the feed that the Blue Demon Dwarf's actor has got up. A relieved Terry goes back to the main room to speak to him. A puddle of urine appears underneath the actor, and he speaks in a child's voice. He says that he was the little boy who was the victim of the gorilla prank; because he wet himself on national TV, he was bullied so much that he drowned himself. Terry thinks this is another prank for the show. He touches the Blue Demon Dwarf's shoulder, but the actor collapses, dead. The ghost of a little boy rises out of the cradle that contained a baby doll prop, and says "Where's Mummy?"

Gemma shows a police officer into the room. Terry has wet himself and says "I'm on Scaredy Cam." The boy's ghost appears on the camera footage, which finally goes blank.

This episode contains examples of: