Recap / Haven S 2 E 11 Business As Usual

People are running a marathon in Haven. An old jogger named Reggie Buzzwell is suffering and sweating profusely. He's handed water and told to take it easy. He stops at a table and begins gulping down cup after cup, then staggers into a first-aid tent. Reggie's body mummifies in a matter of seconds before an assistant's horrified eyes.

Nathan and Audrey examine the corpse, which is bone dry. Nathan asks Audrey to stop avoiding the issue of her killing Driscoll. Dwight walks up and says that Reggie was his friend. Reggie had a Trouble, but Dwight doesn't know what it was. He tells the officers that several Troubled people are having a meeting the next night to discuss the fallout of Driscoll's death. Audrey suggests Nathan should attend, but he's wary.

One of the joggers, Patrick Grolsh, confronts another jogger, Stu Pierce, and accuses him of being Troubled. Stu leaves and Patrick angrily says Nathan and Audrey are going down if they keep helping the Troubled.

Later, Nathan is talking on the phone in his office and hangs up when Audrey walks in. He says that he's having Reggie's body examined by a different coroner than the usual one in an attempt to keep Troubles secret from the public. She repeats that she was justified in killing Driscoll, but he warns that the act has angered a lot of people. They get a call and go to the home of Barry, who has also been mummified. Barry's wife Annie says that Barry had a Trouble, but she doesn't know what it is. Barry was talking with Stu, who is helping organize the meeting and constructing a list of Troubled people. They go to Stu's house and find the front door broken. The place is torn up and Stu's wife Colleen is bound and gagged. They free her and she says that the attacker kidnapped Stu. The officers figure that the kidnapper now has the list of the Troubled.

On his boat, Duke calls Evi's parents and informs them of her death. They seem unconcerned and Duke hangs up in disgust. As he looks through Evi's belongings, he finds the jewelry box they had found earlier (see "Sparks and Recreation") with a note saying to shine a UV light on it. When he does, "Crocker" appears on the lid.

Colleen says the attacker wore a mask, but had 3 and 8 spray-painted on his legs. They realize that 38 was Patrick's race number. They bring him in but he denies all involvement. He warns that he is a lawyer and will sue them if they don't stop harassing him. Nathan lets him leave over Audrey's protests. Nathan insists that he's trying to protect her. They have to be careful. They can't help people if they get fired or arrested.

Duke shows Vince and Dave the box and how it shows "Crocker" under UV light. The brothers act like they don't know what it is and Vince asks for it, saying he collects antiques. Duke suspects they are lying and leaves with the box. The brothers are upset and argue. Vince says Duke cannot be allowed to learn its secret, while Dave wants him to and doesn't want them to be involved. They part and Vince calls someone and says that he has a job for them.

That night, Duke returns to his boat and sees that someone is on board. Duke draws a gun and enters the cabin. Dwight ambushes him and knocks the gun away. They have a brutal fight. Dwight grabs the box and a key falls out of a secret compartment, which Duke grabs. Duke grabs a crowbar and Dwight grabs a sword hanging from the wall. Dwight says all he wants is the key. Duke figures that Vince hired him and wonders what the brothers want. Dwight says he doesn't know the purpose of the key. Duke suggests they join forces and learn what is going on.

The next morning, Audrey tracks Patrick to a warehouse. Nathan warns her against her present course of action, but she says that she could tell Patrick was lying and sometimes they have to bend the rules a little to do good. She arrests Patrick on a jaywalking charge.

Duke calls Dave, who explains that the box was once owned by Duke's ancestor Fitzwilliam Crocker and it is the smaller of a set of two. Duke hangs up and figures that the key opens the larger box. Dwight asks if Duke's father ever told him about the boxes, and Duke replies that he and his father didn't really talk before he died. He figures that the larger box is hidden on Simon Crocker's old boat.

Audrey drags Patrick into the warehouse over Nathan's objections and cuffs him to a pipe. Nathan insists that Audrey is more than a partner and that he's worried about her. A fire breaks out upstairs. Patrick tells them to check on it. Nathan says it is a trap but Audrey charges up anyway. She finds Stu tied to a chair and threatened by the flames. He warns her not to come near him, because his Trouble is that his sweat mummifies anybody it touches. Audrey explains that she is immune to Troubles, frees him, and they escape.

Duke and Dwight search Simon Crocker's old boat, but find nothing. Dwight wonders why Simon never told his son about the boxes, and if it has anything to do with the Troubles. Out of curiosity, Duke asks Dwight what his Trouble is, and Dwight explains that if a gun is fired in his presence, the bullets turn toward him. Furthermore, his father didn't warn him about it when he was serving in Afghanistan, because he didn't want to admit that he was Troubled. The boat's current owner claims that Simon once owned Duke's boat, and arranged things so it would fall into Duke's hands.

Back at his home, Stu explains that he has no control over his Trouble, but that Reggie and Barry's deaths were complete accidents. Stu warns that Patrick planned to parade his affliction in front of the entire town and says that he has to leave, and warns his wife that he can't touch her until the Troubles are over. Colleen doesn't care and insists that they're married for better or worse.

Stu and Colleen drive out of town and leave Nathan the list of the Troubled, saying it could be useful. Nathan receives a text. He explains that he hired a private detective who has found a Lucy Ripley, and gives Audrey her address. It is an hour away from Haven and Nathan encourages her to go and find some answers. Audrey starts walking to her car, but turns around and kisses him on the lips (remember, Nathan has no sense of touch except with Audrey), saying he's more than a partner to her too.

Audrey goes to the address and finds the middle aged Lucy Ripley fishing. Lucy recognizes her and is happy to see her again after all these years. Audrey doesn't understand. Lucy realizes that Audrey doesn't remember and explains that they first met 27 years ago. At the time, Audrey was calling herself Lucy Ripley and had black hair and all of Lucy's memories. "Lucy" was on the run; she claimed to have discovered the secret behind the Troubles and now some people were trying to erase her. "Lucy" then fled and disappeared without a trace. A few months later, a man named Simon Crocker visited Lucy and demanded to know where "Lucy" was. Lucy didn't trust him and told him nothing. Lucy apologizes to Audrey and says that is everything she knows.

Duke and Dwight search Duke's boat and eventually find the second box. They open it with the key. Before they can look inside, Audrey comes abroad and explains what Lucy told her about Simon. Dwight uses this distraction to try to escape with the box. Duke is upset that Dwight would double cross him, but Dwight just smacks him in the face with the box. Duke angrily draws a knife and slashes Dwight's arm. The blood splashes on Duke and he falls to his knees, shaking violently. As Audrey looks on in horror, the blood absorbs into his skin and his eyes glow silver. Dwight tries to hit him with a crowbar, but Duke catches it and punches him, knocking Dwight 20 feet through the air and into the water. Audrey can't see him in the water and is worried that Dwight has been killed, but Duke (whose eyes have gone back to normal) says he's tough and should survive.

Later, the Troubled meeting takes place at the newspaper office. Dwight shows up and berates Vince for not warning him that Duke had a Trouble. Vince realizes this means that Duke was exposed to blood and is horrified. Nathan attends the meeting, saying he's doing what he thinks is right in standing with the Troubled.

Audrey opens the box, which is full of knifes, pistols, a few other weapons like a throwing star and knuckleduster, and some papers and journals. Duke insists that he had no idea that he had a Trouble. He tests his strength and realizes that his enhanced strength is gone, figuring that it only works when he is exposed to blood. Duke finds Simon's journal and flips to the last page. It says, "Duke- If you're reading this, then I haven't survived. You are my Son. My heir. It's up to you to finish my work. You must kill her." Attached to the page is a photo of Audrey's black-haired past incarnation Lucy Ripley and another photo showing what looks like Audrey with red hair and 1950's clothing posing with a young man. Audrey and Duke are shocked.