Recap / Haven S 2 E 12 Sins Of The Fathers

At night, the ghost of Arlo McMartin wakes up his friend Bill. Bill is bewildered and asks how he can be here. Arlo says there is no time to explain, Sheila is in danger. Bill grabs a gun and runs over to Sheila's house.

In Sheila's house, Arlo leads her down the stairs. Sheila asks how he can be there. As Bill breaks down the door, Arlo acts like he's attacking her. Unable to see in the darkness, Bill shoots the figure attacking Sheila, but the bullets go through Arlo and hit Sheila, killing her. Arlo mocks Bill. In despair, Bill asks why he did this, and Arlo says it was payback for Bill and Sheila having an affair.

The next morning, Audrey arrives at the newspaper office. Duke finds her and tries to assure her that he has no intentions of obeying his father's command to kill her. She accepts that and goes inside. Vince and Dave greet her, but she goes past them and looks through their stuff until she finds a picture of Dave as a young man. He is the same man posing with her red-headed counterpart. She angrily orders them to stop lying, they knew about her the whole time, and now she wants answers. Dave begs Vince not to say anything, but Vince says it is time. Every 27 years when the Troubles come, Audrey comes to Haven with a different identity and helps the Troubled. In 1983, she was Lucy Ripley with black hair. In 1955, she was Sarah with red hair. Vince says he's sure she came to Haven even earlier than that, but he doesn't know anything about those previous Troubled times because the brothers hadn't been born yet. They have no idea where she comes from, where she goes when the Troubles end, how she doesn't age, and how she always has someone else's memories. Audrey asks who Agent Howard is, but they have no idea. Vince hands her a wedding ring that once belonged to Sarah, saying it now belongs to her. Audrey asks why he has it, and Vince hints that he had loved Sarah back then. Audrey gets a call from Nathan, so she leaves, warning them that she'll be back. Dave is angry that Vince talked, but Vince says that Audrey needs help, and Dave won't get in his way.

Aboard his boat, Duke steps out of the shower to find the ghost of his father Simon Crocker in his quarters.

Audrey arrives at Sheila's house and Nathan asks what took her so long. Nathan reports that Bill confessed to killing Sheila, but claimed that the ghost of Sheila's husband Arlo tricked him into doing it. Several of the neighbors claim that they saw Arlo walking away from the house. They suspect that Arlo faked his death. Nathan and Audrey stare at each other and he asks her out. Audrey agrees, saying they can talk about everything she has learned about her past and identity. She says to come to her place later and she'll cook pancakes, confusing him, but she just smiles and walks away.

Duke thinks that Simon is just a dream or hallucination, but Simon assures him that he is real. Simon is slightly upset to find that he can't touch anything when he tries to pick up a glass of whiskey. Duke angrily tells him to get lost, he was a horrible father when he was alive, and Duke doesn't want anything to do with him. Duke talks about how Simon would always disappear for several days, then come home wounded and order him to patch him up. Simon notices the box Duke and Dwight found and is glad that it has been located. This means that the Troubles are back. He asks Duke if he has cured anybody yet. Duke has no idea what he is talking about, so Simon explains: the Crocker family Trouble is that if they kill another Troubled person, everyone else in that person's family will be rendered normal and that Trouble will never show up again. Now it is up to Duke to continue his work and wipe out Troubles. Duke is disgusted and refuses, but Simon says he will make him understand.

Audrey and Nathan go to Eastside Cemetery where Arlo was buried. The gravedigger, Kyle Hopkins, hates them because he's bigoted against the Troubled and Audrey killed Reverend Driscoll, whom Kyle considered Haven's finest man. Nathan orders Kyle to dig up Arlo's grave and threatens to arrest him for violating his parole by smoking a joint if he refuses. Once the task is done, they confirm that Arlo's corpse is in the coffin.

The officers get a call about another homicide. Bruce Fresnel confesses to killing Kurt, claiming that the ghost of his sister Annie told him that Kurt had raped her. Vince and Dave appear and say that Bill and Sheila were having an affair, and that Arlo suffered a stress-related stoke when he found out. Audrey figures that the dead are returning to settle old scores.

Kyle is reburying Arlo when the ghost of Reverend Driscoll appears. Kyle is scared. Driscoll claims that God sent him back to finish his work. He asks Kyle to help him.

Simon leads Duke to a field. He explains that back in the 1983 Troubles, a class on a camping trip died there. The official story was that they suffered food poisoning, but what really happened was that Jenny Meers got frightened by a scary campfire story, which triggered her Trouble and released poison around her. Simon had a chance to kill Jenny's grandfather before the trip but balked. To prevent such a tragedy from happening after, Simon then killed her grandfather. He tells Duke it is now his responsibility to prevent such disasters by eliminating the Troubles. Duke still refuses and walks away.

Nathan and Audrey do some research, mixed with sexual tension. The only thing Arlo and Annie have in common is that they were both buried at Eastside Cemetery.

Driscoll tells Kyle to use the list of the Troubled (it is not explained how they got a hold of it) to mark the houses of the Troubled so his followers can get to them later.

The officers return to the cemetery. Nathan warns Audrey not to trust Duke. No matter how he acts, he is a scumbag on the inside. Nathan explains that when Duke arrived in town, he invited Nathan to go fishing with him. However, Nathan soon realized that Duke invited him along as cover for his smuggling operation. They fought for an hour and that's when his Trouble came back. Nathan realized that Duke didn't even care. They look over Annie's grave and find it untouched. Nathan then looks up in horror as they are surrounded by ghosts.

Audrey can't see or hear them, which they figure is because of her immunity to the Troubles. The ghosts look them over and then walk away. Nathan is worried that they plan to kill others. They notice Duke at Simon's grave. Duke explains that he's buried the box at his father's grave and reports what Simon has told him. They point out that Simon was buried at another cemetery, and Duke explains that it was moved recently after the first cemetery eroded. As Nathan goes to check to see who moved the corpses, Duke asks Audrey if it bothers her that she has never managed to stop the Troubles or keep people from dying. He asks what she would do if she had an alternative. Nathan confirms that Kyle reburied Simon.

Nathan and Duke look up to see the ghost of Chief Garland Wuornos. He wasn't buried at Eastside and they wonder what he is doing here. Audrey encourages Nathan to take the opportunity to talk to his father. Nathan greets his father and asks why he is here. Garland says he doesn't know why he is here and he doesn't know anything that happened after his death. Nathan fills him in. Garland is annoyed that he was buried in a cooler and happy that Driscoll is dead. Nathan asks why he didn't tell them he knew Lucy Ripley. Garland says he didn't know what to say. Garland says he can tell that Nathan is in love with Audrey. He orders Nathan to stop, Audrey is too important to Haven and if they fall in love, Audrey will die. Upset, Nathan says that if Garland came back just to tell him that, then he wasted his time.

Meanwhile, Duke drives Audrey toward Kyle's house. Since Audrey can't see or hear the ghosts, them he'll have to assist her. Audrey notices a red X in front of a house and asks Duke to stop. The house has been broken into. Audrey draws her gun and enters. Driscoll appears before Duke. Driscoll boasts that his hold over his followers has been enhanced now that he's back from the dead. Driscoll is pleased to learn that Simon has returned as well and orders Duke to come with him, or else he will take his revenge on Audrey.

Nathan picks up Audrey, who is pissed that Duke abandoned her. Nathan refuses to tell her what Garland told him. They arrive at Kyle's house and meet his pregnant wife Marissa. Audrey pretends that they are lost, and explains to Nathan that Marissa's hands have red paint on them, like the X's. They follow Marissa into the woods, where they find Kyle and Driscoll's followers loading unconscious Troubled people into a barn. Driscoll arrives with Duke, and several men spot the officers and capture them.

Duke demands to know what is going on. Driscoll says it is simple, Duke will kill everyone in the barn to eliminate their Troubles. Duke knocks away a thug and steals his knife. Nathan and Audrey are brought over. The officers tell Kyle that it is his Trouble that brought the ghosts. Shocked, Kyle insists that he is normal and begs Driscoll to vouch for him, but Driscoll, his followers, and even Marissa glare at him with hate and disgust. Simon appears and describes to Duke the stages that the Troubled go through when they learn what they are: like denial and then begging. Kyle says he doesn't want his unborn son to become a freak so he, along with Driscoll, his followers, and Simon, tell Duke to kill him. Audrey tells Duke there has to be a way they can solve this without killing anybody, but Driscoll and Simon tell him not to listen to her. Duke says Audrey is his friend, but Simon says she is a monster: as Sarah she killed Duke's grandfather, as Lucy Ripley she killed Simon, and now Audrey is going to kill Duke. Duke says that doesn't make any sense and tells him about the prophecy that a man with a circular maze tattoo will kill him, but Simon says Audrey doesn't have to do it herself.

Out of nowhere, Kyle grabs Duke's wrist and forces him to stab him. Duke is horrified, and his body absorbs Kyle's blood, making his eyes turn silver, but Kyle thanks him, glad that his son will grow up to be normal. Duke's eyes go back to normal and Marissa holds Kyle with grief. Garland appears and Simon accuses him of helping Lucy kill him. Simon says that this time, nothing will stop his son, but Garland says he has a son as well and tells Nathan to take care of Audrey. When Kyle dies, the ghosts disappear. Audrey grabs a gun and rounds up Driscoll's followers, who are lost without him.

Later, Dave angrily confronts Vince. It turns out that Vince had hired Kyle to dig up Garland earlier, which was why Garland came back as a ghost. Dave is pissed that Vince did that without consulting him, and wants the brothers to not be involved anymore. Vince insists that Audrey is different this time.

Audrey lights candles and cooks pancakes in preparation for her date. Someone knocks on her door. Thinking it's Nathan, she says he's early and answers it, but an unseen figure shoots her with a taser, knocking her out.

Nathan arrives for their date, but finds Audrey's place ransacked and her missing. He finds Duke's necklace. He storms into Duke's boat and demands to know where Audrey is. Duke says he didn't do anything, but Nathan shows him the necklace and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't start talking. Duke reaches for a concealed gun, and stops in horror as he sees the circular maze tattoo on Nathan's left forearm. The camera pans away as a gunshot is heard.

To Be Continued...