Recap / Haven S 2 E 1 A Tale Of Two Audreys

Continuing where the previous episode "Spiral" left off, the brunette FBI agent claiming to be the real Audrey Parker (from this point on, this character will be referred to as Audrey II to avoid confusion) is convinced to surrender since Audrey and Nathan have her outnumbered and outgunned.

As a boy puts a newspaper boat in a gutter and watches it flow, Duke visits Reverend Ed Driscoll's church at his invitation. Duke asks what he wants, and the Rev makes cryptic comments about Duke's late father and the Troubles. Duke asks if he knows anything about the circular maze tattoo, but the Rev refuses to answer unless he knows where Duke stands in regard to the Troubled. Suddenly, the boy starts screaming. Duke rushes over and asks what is wrong, and the boy points out that the water in the gutter and the water coming from the sprinklers has turned to blood. Duke calls the police, but the Rev warns him that they can't help.

Nathan handcuffs Audrey II and puts her in the back of his truck, while she warns that they are making a big mistake. Audrey is worried because Audrey II's badge and ID look authentic. She asks Nathan how he plans to break the news of his dad's death to the town, but he avoids the question while assuring her that Audrey II is obviously an imposter. Out of nowhere, it starts raining frogs, and they take cover.

Once the rain of frogs stop, they ask Audrey II if she caused that, but she has never been in Haven before and has never heard of the Troubles. They realize that she pulled her cellphone out of her pocket, and she says that she called Agent Howard and he is on his way to Haven. They see a massive swarm of gnats fly into town, and they drive to follow it. The gnat swarm caused two cars to crash. While Nathan checks on one car, Audrey reluctantly undoes Audrey II's handcuffs when she says she wants to help. They pull the driver out of the other car and Audrey II performs CPR while singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" to time the chest compressions. Audrey is shocked and says that is her technique.

Once the man starts breathing, Audrey calls Agent Howard on her cellphone and tells him what has happened. He says that he never received any call from Audrey II, but he is coming to Haven to deal with the imposter. Nathan says that the driver of the other car fled, dripping blood, apparently because his car is full of alcohol and he feared getting arrested. Duke walks up, asking why nobody answered his call, and explains how the water near the church has turned to blood. While they talk, Duke notices a suspicious looking woman in the crowd, but when he looks back she has disappeared. They realize that these incidents were the first three plagues that God sent to Egypt in the story of Moses. A swarm of flies, the fourth plague, appear in the sky.

Nathan visits the Rev at the church. The Rev claims that God is punishing the Troubled for their sins. Nathan tries to point out that the plagues are affecting everyone, but the Rev insists that the Troubled are to blame. He urges Nathan to seek God's forgiveness so that he may be absolved and spared, but Nathan leaves.

Vince and Dave visit Audrey at the station and say that they can't keep the Chief's remains in the cooler, they should bury him. They offer a private piece of land and she agrees. She interrogates Audrey II, but she refuses to talk without Agent Howard. Audrey looks over a map of Haven and plots the site of each plague. Audrey II notices the pattern, the plagues are following the man who fled his car. Audrey thanks her, but keeps her locked up.

Duke runs into the woman he saw, Evidence Prior, or Evi for short. She asks why he's still in Haven and wonders if he's still mad about an incident from three years ago. She offers a smuggling job, but he declines.

Nathan and Audrey go to see Bud and Arlene Shubert, the owners of the abandoned car. They explain that they let their son-in-law, TJ Smith, use it. He's been depressed ever since his wife, their daughter Connie, died giving birth to his son Aaron. Before they can continue, the cops receive a call that the livestock in a field have died, the fifth plague.

Evi finds Duke at The Grey Gull. She insists that he owes her, but he angrily says that he doesn't want to be in business or in bed with her.

Nathan puts out an APB on TJ. Skin boils, the sixth plague, break out in a location. Nathan and Audrey reluctantly let Audrey II come with them. They question Steve, the owner of the pawnshop. He says that TJ tried to buy a gun, but he refused to sell him one because he was drunk. Audrey II notices that he's hiding something and threatens him. He admits that he directed TJ to Little Mike at The Grey Gull. As they arrive at the restaurant, a flaming hail storm, the seventh plague, strikes. TJ drives away before they can catch up to him.

Audrey II says that if TJ really is causing the plagues, then he must be some kind of freak. Audrey gets angry at that comment and says that several of the Troubled cannot control their abilities and often are not aware that they have them. They ask Duke if he knows TJ, and he says that TJ has been drinking ever since Connie died. They confront Little Mike (who is a very large man), and the crook admits that he sold TJ a gun and that TJ claimed he needed it to protect his son. As they go, Nathan asks Duke to go with them once he confirms that Duke isn't the oldest son in his family. He explains that the plague of the first-born is coming and Audrey will need Duke's help if he dies. Duke reluctantly goes with them. A swarm of locusts, the eight plague, appears.

As they head toward the Shubert's house, Nathan tries to call in a blockade, but he is informed that only the Chief has the authority to do that. They inform Duke that the Chief is dead and his remains are in the cooler. The neighborhood is shrouded in a veil of darkness, the ninth plague. The Shubert's house is surrounded by the Rev and his followers. Nathan tries to warn them to get back, because the tenth plague is coming and explains that the plagues are localized to where TJ is and if they leave, they should be safe. They refuse to listen to him. The Shuberts say that TJ kicked them out of the house and he's alone with his baby son. Audrey and Audrey II enter and find TJ cradling Aaron. He points his gun at them and orders them to put their weapons down. Audrey accepts, but Audrey II doesn't. TJ says that he plans to kill himself so that the plague of the firstborn will passover his son. Audrey tries to explain that his Trouble is causing this, not God.

The darkness ends and Aaron starts crying, while several of the men outside, including Nathan, collapse. They realize that the death of the firstborn male, the tenth and final plague is happening. Audrey begs TJ to tell what he was doing when the whole thing started, and he admits that he read the story of Moses that morning. Audrey deduces that his Trouble is that anything he reads comes true. She hands him The Velveteen Rabbit and asks him to read it, saying it's his only chance to save his son and the others, while Audrey II protests that the whole thing is insane. TJ hesitantly starts reading. Aaron stops crying, and the men recover. Audrey confiscates TJ's gun and the two girls leave. Before she goes, Audrey II looks on in wonder as a stuffed rabbit in the room comes to life.

Nathan berates the Rev for almost leading all these misguided people to their deaths, but he says that he is willing to sacrifice a few people to wipe out evil. He leaves, warning Duke to beware the company he keeps. Evi walks up and Duke reluctantly introduces her to Audrey and Nathan. Audrey asks if she is Duke's sister (which is funny because Duke is white and she is black), but she says she is Duke's ex-wife. Duke warns her to get out of town because the Troubles are dangerous, but she wants to know why he hasn't left, and is determined to learn the truth.

Later, Vince and Dave tell Nathan that the town deserves to know that the Chief is dead. Nathan says that he will report that he was lost at sea. He takes the cooler to a field. He notices the Chief's wedding ring in the pieces of rock and pockets it. Duke walks up and offers to help. Duke is a little miffed that they didn't tell him the Chief was dead right away, but Nathan counters that Duke never told anyone about Evi. They start digging.

Audrey and Audrey II share a drink at The Grey Gull. Both insist that they are the real Audrey, but find that their memories are practically identical. Audrey talks about how when she was a child in one of her foster homes, she saved a girl from getting raped by stabbing the man with Mickey Mouse scissors. Audrey II is shocked and insists that she did that, and that she never told anyone about that. A man accompanied by a few agents walks up, and Audrey II addresses him as Agent Howard. Audrey gets worried, because the man looks completely different from the Agent Howard that she knows, but stays silent. Howard asks Audrey II if she found the woman impersonating her. Audrey II lies and says that the imposter fled to the Canadian border.