Recap / Haven S 1 E 13 Spiral

A few minutes since the last episode "Resurfacing" ended have passed. Audrey looks up to the sky and asks if God is willing to give any answers. A middle-aged but muscular man walks up and says he's been away from Haven for a very long time. He wishes her luck with finding her answers and walks away.

The man, Max Hansen, walks into town and approaches Dave, asking if there are any jobs available. Dave recognizes him and is scared. Max chuckles and says he will be back after he wraps up some unfinished business.

Max runs into Chief Garland Wuornos, who recognizes him and asks what he wants. Max says now that he's finally been released from Shawshank State Prison, he'd like to settle back into Haven, but sooner or later, he will have his revenge on Garland for arresting him for a crime he didn't do and Garland's testimony getting him locked up for 27 years. As they walk away from each other, a lighthouse collapses.

Later, Audrey and Nathan determine that the lighthouse collapsed due to massive cracks forming in the ground. Nathan notices that Audrey is sleep deprived and asks her to go home and take a nap.

Duke goes to his boat to find Max waiting for him. Max explains that Duke owes some of his friends from prison money, and he's there to collect. Duke notices that Max has the circular maze tattoo that Vanessa warned him about on his left forearm. Duke nervously reaches for a concealed gun, but manages to convince Max to leave.

The Chief is looking over Max's file and is very nervous. Nathan asks if he is all right, but the Chief barks at him to check on the cracks forming all over town.

Duke tries to visit Audrey at her place, but Julia comes out and says that Audrey is asleep. Duke reports that Max has the tattoo of the man who will kill him. After Duke leaves, Audrey wakes up and Julia tells her what he said.

Max is having a meal at The Grey Gull when Audrey approaches him, asking why he is in Haven. A waitress spills coffee on his arm and apologizes, but he says it is no problem and gets up to leave. Audrey says that she looked up that the Chief arrested him all those years ago for the murder of the Colorado Kid. Max angrily says that he didn't do it and that there was no proof and leaves. The waitress is confused about why Max didn't cry out, because the coffee was scalding hot. Audrey asks Duke if he can remember Max from the day of the Colorado Kid murder, but his memory is still too fuzzy.

Nathan is examining the cracks when Max walks up to him. Max is very happy to see him, then he suddenly grabs Nathan's shoulder and squeezes really hard, delighted when he finds that Nathan didn't feel it. Nathan angrily draws his gun and tells him to back off. He chuckles and leaves.

Audrey and Nathan meet Leo, Max's old cellmate. Leo has no idea where Max got the tattoo, but says that recently, Max was unstoppable during prison brawls because he couldn't feel pain.

Max meets Vince, and says that Vince and Dave are as much to blame for his incarceration as Garland. Max threatens to kill him someday, but Vince smiles and says that Max tried and failed 27 years ago.

Audrey points out to Nathan that Max has the same Trouble as him, no sense of touch, which means that they are related. They go to the Chief for answers. He gets upset, but reluctantly admits that Max Hansen is Nathan's biological father. Nathan is upset that this secret was kept from him all these years and leaves. The Chief tells Audrey that he adopted Nathan after Max was arrested. Max had abused him, so Nathan blocked him out and assumed that Garland had always been his father.

As Max takes a walk, a crack forms in the street. He tries to run, but it catches up to him and he falls deep into the abyss.

Julia confirms that Max died upon hitting the bottom. Nathan suspects Duke, despite Audrey's protests. They find Duke and tell him what happened. Duke is happy to hear that Max is dead, but points out that he didn't do it because if he had a Trouble, he would have used it already. Audrey warns him that there are more people with the tattoo out there.

Chief Wuornos comes to see the Teagues and tell them that Nathan knows the truth about his father. Vince warns them that Max said he had friends, and tells the Chief that Nathan won't abandon him. Chief Wuornos isn't convinced.

Duke is making a call when he finds Julia waiting for him. She shows him a photo of three men, and one of them is her grandfather. He has a circular maze tattoo on his forearm.

Audrey and Nathan question people if they knew Max. They eventually realize that the cracks formed every time the Chief got upset. It's his Trouble causing them.

Julia takes Duke to a graveyard where the circular maze is on a lot of the tombstones.

Audrey and Nathan find the Chief on the beach, holding a gun. Cracks keep forming in the ground. He admits that when Max arrived, he got so upset that he's losing control of his ability, and now his only option is to kill himself before he levels the town. Nathan tries to reason with him, but the Chief scolds him because he still hasn't learned how to see things for what they really are like Audrey. He says to note that Audrey has not said, "Everything's going to be okay." like she does with every other Troubled person she helps. Nathan desperately asks Audrey to say it, but she doesn't. The Chief tells Audrey that he's been waiting for her to come for 27 years, but to be careful because some people are not happy that she came back. As Nathan calls him, "Dad", the Chief turns to stone and shatters to pieces.

Vince and Dave help collect the pieces. Audrey asks them if they know who the Chief was talking about when he said some people are not happy that she is back, but they deny it. Once she's gone, Vince says they need to tell her the truth. Dave insists they need to let Audrey sort it out, and that doing so will keep the brothers alive.

Nathan angrily asks Audrey why she didn't say, "Everything's going to be okay." She says that she knew deep down that nothing could be done to help the Chief.

Duke takes Julia to his boat and offers her a drink as thanks for her help. While they talk, out of his line of sight, the circular maze tattoo appears on her left shoulder, but then disappears. Julia warns him that she still doesn't like him very much and then leaves. Once she's gone, Duke goes to a chalkboard where he's prepared a list of people, and photos of Max and the tattoos. He writes down Julia's name.

Nathan finds the Chief's sheriff badge. In the cooler where they've collected the Chief's pieces, the pieces begin to move on their own.

Nathan goes back to the station to find Reverend Ed Driscoll sitting in the Chief's chair. He offers condolences, then states that he plans to become the new Chief of Police.
Nathan: I called my father "The Chief". I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you fill his seat.
Driscoll: You already are... damned. Things are gonna change in Haven, Nathan. I'm going to change them. So either you leave and find someplace else to live your life, or you will suffer... like the rest of your kind.

Nathan finds Audrey walking along the beach and tells her about the Rev's plans. She agrees that they must stop him from becoming Chief, because of his bigoted attitude towards the Troubled. Nathan takes her hand and finally admits that he can feel her and her alone. Touched by his confession, Audrey shares everything she learned from the past few days, and theorizes that Lucy Ripley isn't her mother, she's somehow herself. Suddenly a woman walks up to them, saying that she's an FBI agent. Audrey and Nathan are mildly surprised at how she seems to use the same speech patterns and phrases as Audrey. She pulls a gun on them, and they pull out their guns in response. She shows them her badge, and they are shocked as she says, "I'm Special Agent Audrey Parker. Who the hell are you?"

To Be Continued...