Recap / Haven S 1 E 12 Resurfacing

A fisherman, Hank Olson, rows up to the beach where a boat has washed up on the shore. He realizes that it's named the Fisherman's Honor and investigates, and finds shards of metal scattered throughout the cabin... and a rotting corpse hung up in a net, a crucifix around its neck.

Nathan and Audrey investigate. Nathan says he's glad Audrey decided to quit the FBI and stay in Haven. He explains that two of the boat's dead crew were the best friends James Garrick and Andy Weaver. When the Fisherman's Honor was lost at sea on its maiden voyage a little while ago, Andy's wife Vera blamed James for convincing Andy to join the crew. Vera arrives and Hank has to hold her back as Andy's corpse is retrieved from the boat. She is given his crucifix as she bursts into tears. Hank gently asks her to go home.

Tracy Garrick asks her daughter Brooke to watch over her brother Michael. She objects as she had plans. As they talk, Tracy's keys fall off the table by themselves. Brooke finally agrees to stay in, and they find the keys nearby. Vera arrives and shows Tracy Andy's cross.

Nathan and Audrey try to question Hank, who had helped build the Fisherman's Honor, about why it is so excessively corroded even though it had not been lost at sea that long.

Vera berates Tracy and badmouths James, still blaming him for the loss of her husband. Tracy angrily tells her to show some respect since James was lost too. Vera slaps her, then an invisible force knocks Vera against the door.

Nathan and Audrey visit the Garricks. Brooke dismissively agrees with Vera's claim that it was James' fault that the crew was lost at sea and died. Michael angrily tells her not to talk about their father like that, calling him a great man. Tracy sends her kids to their rooms and says that she is thinking of moving since Vera and others won't stop harassing her about James. Nathan asks where the boat's parts came from, and she answers that James had bought them from Duke Crocker. As the officers leave, Nathan explains that the case is a little personal for him because James was his old Little League coach. He's not sure if James or the other Garricks had a Trouble, while Audrey notes that the children seemed scared.

Duke meets with a man named Karl. Nathan shows up, and Duke lies and says that he is a worker to stop Karl from leaving. Duke asks Karl to set up a meeting with someone named Stoney. Karl warns that Stoney is angry at Duke, but relents when Duke pays him a lot and physically threatens him.

Audrey visits Tracy, who works as a waitress at The Grey Gull, and asks if her family has a Trouble. Tracy angrily asks her to talk to Brooke or Michael and leave her alone.

Brooke brings her boyfriend Jake over to the house. Michael warns that their mother didn't give permission, but Brooke shoos him away. Jake starts kissing her, but Brooke pulls away and asks to take it slow. When he won't take no for an answer, Jake gets knocked into a wall by the invisible force.

Brooke gets scared and runs away, while Michael calls Audrey for help. Tracy is upset at what is happening and wants to just move out, but Audrey wants to check if the house has a poltergeist. She also suspects Brooke.

Nathan explains to Duke that the Fisherman's Honor was judged to have gone down due to shoddy parts. Duke insists that he only sold James non-essential parts. He refuses to elaborate unless Nathan helps him deal with Stoney, who cheated him by paying him with counterfeit money. Nathan reluctantly agrees.

Audrey finds Brooke at the park. Brooke denies causing what happened at the house. Audrey tests it by angering her, and nothing happens. Brooke burst into tears, saying that she doesn't have a Trouble or any talent, that she is a nobody. Audrey hugs her.

Duke asks Nathan to get Stoney arrested as a counterfeiter, then he will tell him where James got most of his parts. Nathan says he doesn't trust him, not since that incident in 1983. Duke had given Nathan a few friendly slaps on the back, which were really to stick thumbtacks into his back without him noticing because he couldn't feel it. Nathan then tried to ask a girl named Carla Rose out, but the sight of the blood dripping from his back sent the girl screaming for the hills, while Duke laughed. Duke is shocked that Nathan is still mad about that.

Tracy is helping Michael get to bed when some men drive by and throw a rock with a newspaper article about the boat wrapped around it through the window. Michael reads it and becomes upset. He gets a seizure and collapses. Tracy manages to snap him out of it. The paper rises into the air, crumples into a ball, and flies into the trash.

The next day, Audrey visits while Tracy shows off the house to an elderly couple who's interested in buying. When they go to look at James' office, Michael tells them to stay out. Tracy tries to apologize, but the couple leaves.

Duke gives Nathan a bag of money, while Nathan gives him his gun and badge. Nathan sits at a table in The Grey Gull and waits.

Tracy tells Audrey about Michael's "seizure," and admits that James had similar seizures in 1983 when he was a boy. She says there was a woman who helped James, a woman named Lucy. Audrey agrees to do what she can.

Stoney arrives at the restaurant with two thugs, and Nathan is mildly surprised to find that Stoney is an attractive woman. Nathan says he is Duke's representative and hands over the bag, and Stoney proposes that they join forces and kill Duke instead. She looks into the bag and realizes it is her own counterfeit money. She angrily orders her thugs to attack Nathan, but Duke comes out wielding Nathan's gun. Stoney and her thugs surrender.

Michael insists to Audrey that he is not causing the poltergeist incidents. While she is alone in a room, Audrey senses something and grabs the air in front of her. James materializes in her arms. He calls her Lucy Ripley, happy that his old friend has finally returned after 27 years. Audrey tries to correct him that she is Lucy's daughter, but he doesn't seem to understand at first. Audrey deduces that James' Trouble is that his seizures make him vibrate so fast that he essentially becomes invisible, inaudible, and intangible. He starts vibrating again as she tries to hold him still.

Duke says that James bought the other parts from Hank and the couple Sal and Nancy Fortuna. He apologizes for the tacks incident.

James tells Audrey that he was never on the boat the night it disappeared. Michael had unknowingly taken pictures of the defective parts and James discovered them. James got upset and his Trouble activated, making him disappear. He desperately tried to warn Andy not to get on the boat, but nobody could see, hear, or feel him and thus the boat left and sank. James had to watch Tracy cry over their honeymoon pictures when everyone was declared lost at sea, unable to communicate that he was right next to her. He's only recently learned how to touch things, and it takes massive concentration, so he can't do it all the time. Audrey loses her grip on James, and he disappears again. Audrey explains to Tracy that James is alive. Tracy angrily thinks she is mocking her, until Audrey reveals what James told her about the honeymoon photos. Tracy cries and asks to be able to see James. Nathan calls in about what he has learned from Duke.

Audrey looks in James' office for the photos. Suddenly, the old couple from before breaks in and holds the family hostage at gunpoint. Audrey realizes that they are Sal and Nancy Fortuna, and they are trying to find the photos to destroy the evidence that they sold shoddy parts. Audrey draws her gun, but gets disarmed when she becomes distracted by Michael having another seizure. The Fortunas decide to kill them all and make it look like an accident. Audrey gets an idea and reaches her hand out. She touches James' back, and he re-materializes long enough to punch out the Fortunas before disappearing again.

Nathan calls to report that he has arrested Hank for his part in the Fortunas' dirty dealings. Tracy, Brooke, and Michael beg Audrey to bring James back. She grabs him and he reappears. He apologizes to his family and says that for now, this may be the last time that they see him, as Audrey is busy and can't be touching him 24-7. He says that whenever a bell in his office rings, it will be a sign that he is always watching over them, even if they can't see him. He thanks Audrey, and says that back in 1983, one of his seizures shattered glass that ended up cutting Lucy's foot, leaving a permanent scar. He says sorry about that, farewell, and vanishes.

Nathan burns the counterfeit money. Duke thanks him for helping put away Stoney and offers a partnership in smuggling. Nathan declines and they play poker.

Audrey tells Tracy that Vince and Dave will make sure that the town knows the truth about what happened to the Fisherman's Honor. Tracy thanks her, but wonders why Audrey's touch made James solid and visible again when hers quite obviously couldn't. Audrey says that she honestly doesn't know. Audrey goes to the beach and sits on the site of the Colorado Kid murder. She takes her shoe and sock off and looks at her foot. There is a large scar on her sole.