Recap / Farscape S 04 E 22 Bad Timing

Season 4, Episode 22:

Bad Timing

Braca's command carrier catches up with Moya and demands the release of Scorpius, which Crichton and the others orchestrates in such a way so that the command carrier has to wait around to collect Scorpius (and Sikozu, who refuses to leave Scorpius) while Moya makes her escape. Braca also has a message for Crichton: a Scarran Stryker has been dispatched to the wormhole that leads to Earth. Crichton believes this is because of his slip-of-the-tongue to Staleek back on Katratzi, when he admitted that crystherium grows in abundance on Earth, and now Staleek plans of conquering the planet in order to harvest enough of the flower to support the Scarran invasion of the galaxy. Scorpius offers a deal: if Earth declares an alliance with the Peacekeepers, the Scarrans will (probably) call off their attack so as not to risk starting a war. Crichton declines, preferring to figure out a solution on his own. As this is going on, Crichton and Aeryn begin to question the future of their relationship again, commenting on what happened the previous year and all their "bad timing".

By the time Moya has reached the wormhole to Earth, Crichton realises that the only way he can protect the Earth is to seal up the wormhole, cutting himself off from his home forever. He decides to go ahead with it, knowing there's no other option, and Pilot agrees to be temporarily disconnected from Moya so that he can operate a transport pod in order to perform the very difficult and pinpoint flying necessary for collapsing the wormhole. Crichton, Aeryn and Pilot head through the wormhole to Earth and park on the moon while Crichton takes care of one last piece of business: visiting the flag that his father placed there decades ago, taking the Crichton family photo pinned there and leaving his tape recorder. And on Earth, Jack Crichton receives a phone call:

Crichton: Hey Dad.
Jack: John! Where are you?
Crichton: Serenity Base.
Jack: Serenity Base?
Crichton: Yeah, the moon.
Jack: Why didn't you make Earth orbit?
Crichton: Murphy. Dad, we've got a little problem
Jack: What? Worse than a $300 clipboard that you can put paper in when it's upside-down?
Crichton: Yes. The Scarrans have located Earth. And, they're on their way.
Jack: What can we do?
Crichton: Nothing. I gotta do it.
Jack: What the hell does that mean? Why do you have to do it? You've already done enough, son.
Crichton: I'm going to seal up the wormhole. That'll isolate Earth, but it should protect it.
Jack: Then how do we get into deep space?
Crichton: The old-fashioned way. You build a rocket. I've left you technology and navigation information, here at your flagpole.
Jack: How long do we have?
Crichton: Not long.
Jack: Then take me with you. Take us all, we're ready! Five hundred of the world's best. We can help.
Crichton: There's no time.
Jack: What do you mean there's no time? For Moya to get from the moon to the Earth, what's it take? A blink of the eye? Two seconds? Come on, son!
Crichton: We're down to minutes - Dad. How do you want to spend 'em?
Jack: Son... Listen, the Secretary General of the UN is... He speaks for the planet on all space matters now. We're startin' to come together, just like you wanted.
Crichton: That's good. Keep that up.
Jack: I was lookin' forward to coming with you, boy.
Crichton: Well... sometimes things don't happen quite the way you imagine 'em. [...] Tell Susan and Liv that I love 'em. And I'll contact ya if I can. Tell everyone.
Jack: I will, son. You tell my grandkids about me.
Crichton: That's a no-brainer. They gotta know who my hero is.
Jack: You're gonna find, when you have your own, you want 'em to pass you. Be better. Climb higher. I guess if that's the measure, I'm the greatest dad on Earth.
Crichton: I love you Dad.
Jack: You're the heart and soul of my life, son. I love you.
Crichton: ...good-bye.

With time running out, the transport pod takes off and Pilot begins the manoeuvre under Crichton's instructions. They have to fly the pod into the apex of a "bubble" that forms just prior to the opening of a wormhole, which will collapse the wormhole behind the pod as it flies through. Just as the Scarran Stryker starts heading down the wormhole to Earth, the transport pod comes up the other way, collapsing the wormhole behind it and destroying the Stryker.

To recuperate, Moya lands on a water planet and the crew take some R&R. Crichton and Aeryn row out onto the ocean, a little way out from where Moya is floating, so that they can clear the air and sort out their relationship. Aeryn reveals that when she was on the command carrier, she went to the medical unit and had her pregnancy released: she and Crichton are having a baby. Crichton is overjoyed, and even more enthusiastic than before to get down on one knee and propose using his mother's engagement ring. It's a real, honest-to-goodness happy ending...

...until a ship flies overhead, reporting to his commander that intruders have been sighted on the planet. Realising what's about to happen, Crichton and Aeryn kiss as the ship swoops over them and fires it's weapon. The blast turns the pair into millions of tiny crystals that spill not only across their boat, but over the side and into the ocean, leaving only the engagement ring intact.

Roll the Silent Credits.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Big "NO!": D'Argo gives a gut-wrenching one after seeing what happens to Crichton and Aeryn.
  • Blind Seer: Chiana again uses her visions and again loses her sight, only this time it doesn't come back. In the mini-series, her eyes are replaced.
  • Character Development: Back at the start of the series, D'Argo had an intense distrust of Peacekeepers. Now he's the one suggesting to John that the Peacekeepers would honour their agreement if they allied against the Scarrans.
  • Cliffhanger
  • Continuity Nod: Stark recalls the time he was joined with Talyn during 'Meltdown'.
  • Gainax Ending
  • It's All My Fault: Why Harvey actually hopes Crichton finds a way to save Earth. He doesn't want to reside in the mind of the guy blaming himself for the Scarrans conquering Earth.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: It's Rygel who convinces Pilot to help with Crichton's plan.
    Rygel: You should do it.
    Pilot: Would you?
    Rygel: No, but I'm not you.
  • Manly Tears: D'Argo in the end.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The Scarrans are threatening Earth because of what Crichton told them two episodes earlier.
    "They're gonna go because I told them their flowers were there."
  • Not Named in Opening Credits: Kent McCord as Jack Crichton.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • When the transport pod and the Scarran Stryker are about to collide inside the wormhole, both sides have this reaction. They wind up passing through each other, though.
    • The Scarrans immediately afterwards.
      "Emperor! Crichton has turned the wormhole against us! WE WILL NOT--!"
  • Previously On: Cramming 87 episodes into 33 seconds.
  • Sadistic Choice: Saving Earth either means facing the Scarrans alone in a Hail Mary situation or accepting Peacekeeper protection (and the likely chance they'll conquer Earth themselves someday).
  • Silent Credits
  • So Proud of You: Jack's final words to Crichton.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Pilot has to confront his fear of wormholes to help out.
  • Written-In Absence: Rebecca Riggs was unable to make an appearance because of her wedding, so Grayza is mentioned as being sedated while confined to quarters.