Recap / Family Guy S 9 E 11 German Guy

Chris befriends an old, German puppeteer, whom Herbert the Pedophile recognizes as the Nazi officer who sent him to a concentration camp when Herbert was in the Air Force during World War II.


  • Bowdlerization:
    • The DVD version includes an extra scene in the beginning in which Stewie encourages Chris to masturbate.
    • Herbert's line about being sent to a concentration camp: The TV version just had "concentration camp" while the DVD was more specific and used "Dachau" (the first concentration camp set up in Germany during Hitler's regime opened in 1933 by Heinrich Himmler)
    • An extra scene of Peter and Chris in the basement where Peter tells Chris that, since their captor is a Nazi, the two may be turned into lamp shades, wallets, and soap (like the Jews were in concentration camps), followed by a cutaway of an Irish Spring soap commercial with Peter as the soap.
    • The fight between Herbert and the German puppeteer: On the TV version, Herbert beats up the German puppeteer and he falls and dies on the walkway outside his house. On DVD, there's an extra scene where the German puppeteer dies a Karmic Death (Herbert stuffs him in a gas oven and cooks him alive).
  • Evil vs. Evil: Who would you root for? An Elderly Pedophile or a FREAKIN' ELDERLY NAZI!!!
  • Mid-Battle Tea Break: Herbert and Franz take a break from their fight to take their pills, and when Franz has trouble getting up off of his couch, he (very politely) asks Herbert to call his nurse, a blonde woman named Frieda, to help him up, which Herbert agrees to do.
  • Shout-Out: Chris' friendship with the old Nazi recalls the Stephen King novella "Apt Pupil".
  • Take That!: At Twilight and Kristen Stewart in the scene where Chris plays with the puppets that look like Jacob and Edward.
  • Wimp Fight and Overly Long Gag: The fight between Herbert and Mr. Gutentag. Justified, since they're old men.