Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 2 E 4 The Transmitter Conspiracy Part 1

The first part of the episode is a flashback narrated by Calvin. In it, he details how Andy and Sherman met Socrates after the Teacher Creature incident. Socrates, being The Prankster, quickly subjects Sherman to a trap that results in him getting covered in mustard. Enraged, he concocts a revenge plot. After Calvin accidentally stumbles upon Sherman's Mad Scientist Laboratory, he is enlisted to aid Sherman in the plan - sedate Socrates and install an alien transmitter in his head. After it gets activated (with the code being 98462), Andy and Sherman eventually agree to go along with it, if only for how silly Socrates looks when it activates.

With this, the flashback ends, and the episode resumes in the present day, where Socrates pranks Calvin and Hobbes and gets interrupted by his transmitter (set only to interrupt him when Galaxoid and Nebular make contact), which inexplicably picks up a conversation at an alien burger joint. Concerned, Calvin and Hobbes consult Sherman, who realizes that the chip is worn out and must be upgraded, which shouldn't take too long...

Meanwhile, Dr. Brainstorm goes over his latest plan: kidnap Hobbes and hold him ransom for Calvin's inventions. He creates an illusion to make Calvin and company believe a storm is coming, and Socrates stays over at Calvin's for the night. Jack then tries to snatch Hobbes, but he isn't visible from their viewpoint... but Socrates is, and due to the monitor being green (and thus, his red stripes completely unnoticeable), he grabs Socrates by mistake!

Calvin learns of the plot through a note left by Brainstorm, and he quickly deduces that Socrates was kidnapped. He and Hobbes go to enlist the others. In Brainstorm's helicopter, the duo learn of their mistake before Socrates gets a transmission from a pizza place, thus giving Brainstorm an idea.