Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS Dark Eyes E 1 The Great War

After the trauma of "To The Death", the Eighth Doctor, rather broken, tries to find a reason to continue living. He attacks his own TARDIS console with an axe out of sheer grief, then tries to steer his TARDIS to the end of existence, to look back on time itself and maybe find some small glimmer of hope. Instead, he's stopped by Straxus of the Gallifreyan C.I.A., who's returning to send Eight on yet another Time Lord mission...

And Now For Something Completely Different. Molly O'Sullivan, a young Irishwoman, has followed her lady Kitty into France to become World War One medical volunteers together. Kitty is now dying from gangrene, and Molly is wrecked with Survivor Guilt and pain. She's not in any mood to deal with a wounded long-haired man in velvet who calls himself "The Doctor". However, when someone claimed to be a doctor starts giving Eight a blood transfusion that will kill him, Molly decides to save his life and try to get him away from the inexplicably glowing mustard gas attack that's approaching. The gas destroys what was left of Kitty, and Molly, now with even less to live for, follows the Doctor. They're rather rudely interrupted by an army of approaching Daleks.