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Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who 022 Bloodtide
The Sixth Doctor takes Evelyn on a trip to the prison colony island of Galapagos, to have dinner with a very young Charles Darwin. Six has done a bit of preperation to announce his presence, and is posing as a fellow scientist (well, as Albert Einstein) in order to make Darwin trust him.

Darwin is on the brink of making his big scientific breakthrough, and is formulating the final parts of his theory of evolution. He's having a major crisis of faith as well, since he believes in creation theory and is tremendously scared to lose his faith in the Bible. Evelyn and the Doctor gently coax him towards accepting his new theory, trying not too interfere too hard. They're rather rudely interrupted by a group of aquatic homo reptilians who believe they're the only survivors of their kind.

As it turns out, the Silurians have been busy hypnotising the island's staff and kidnapping Ecuadorian prisoners for their own purposes. One of the Silurians, a mad scientist, now plans to release deadly bacteria that will destroy mankind in one fell swoop and give Earth back to the Silurians. This scientist turns out to have created modern man from its ape ancestors as an experiment in the genetic modification of "cattle". And now he'd like to be worshiped as a new God. Humans, it seems, are nothing but a food experiment gone very, very wrong.

Darwin, predictably, gets a complete Heroic BSOD when he finds out about that, making him very susceptible to Silurian mind control. Luckily, he's able to focus on his faith and resists it — first by praying, then by realising his faith lies entirely in evolution theory and God has no meaning to him anymore. With some help (and a Heroic Sacrifice) from a Silurian ally, the Doctor manages to destroy the Silurian base and prevent the genocide of all humans on Earth.


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