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Radar: Super Mario Bros.
It's a me! Mario-o...oh...oh, mama-mia.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • This game has a variant of the classic Mario villains, "Shy Guys." These versions are known as "Shysters." It's also a word describing an unscrupulous person (particularly lawyers) that has tended to carry an anti-Semitic connotation.
    • Yaridovich claims, "I got to my lofty station in life by... ahem... 'pleasing' my superiors."
    • Valentina's 'hit' animation seems to involve little but gainaxing.
    • If you look around her bedroom, you can find Princess Toadstool's "???". We're not told what it is, but her grandmother will immediately run over and bribe you to leave it be. Go back and find it again when the princess is in your party, and she will yell at you for going through her things. The original Japanese name is "Peach's XXX", but in Japan, "XXX" is typically used in the "insert word here" sense, making it have the same meaning as ???.
    • One of King Calimari's (a gigantic Blooper, AKA squid, for the record) attacks is to use one of its tentacles to snatch away one of your party members. When they're returned to the battle a few turns later, they'll have gained the "Fear" status. Hmm...

Paper Mario
  • One quest involves returning a "special tape" from Goompa in Goomba Village to Koopa Koot in Koopa Village. The contents of the tape are never mentioned, save that Goompa keeps it... well hidden.
  • During the scene where Peach can disguise herself as one of Bowser's troops, you can interact with a particularly flustered Hammer Bro in the library. He protests that he's not looking for "that book", and bribes you to leave.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Similar to the tape from the first Paper Mario, this time with a mysterious 'package', from one Goomba to another. Add to this the fact that this delivery is made in the back streets of Rogueport, and the Goomba for whom you're delivering it tells you not to be seen, well, it just speaks for itself really. This happens in the third game as well.
  • A very easily missed "crap past the radar moment" is when Mario is trapped in the cage by Crump in Chapter 2 with all the Punis. Use Goombella on Puniper [the big Puni] and she'll say, "That's Puniper of the Punies. He's a little bigger than the others, obviously. So maybe he can help us reach that special area... Hee hee! Just kidding. His only special power is complaining, I think." 'Special area' would not be that suspect if she hadn't immediately said, "Just kidding." This tattle, by the way, only occurs when you are in the cage — after you get out of the cage and free the Punis, you'll get a different tattle.
  • Also radar-dodging is one of Kammy Koopa's lines after her visit to the Glitz Pit, regarding shaking what her momma gave her in wavy text to emphasise it.
  • The between-chapter Peach segments contain a few instances of Fanservice that managed to scoot by the radar. Some chapters allow you to have Peach take a shower before meeting with TEC (the first chapter requires it) and one chapter has Peach pull an Invisible Streaker to sneak around the enemy base. Nothing is shown on screen, mind you, but even the implication of nudity is surprising for a Mario game.
  • Flurrie herself is crap gotten past the radar. She's a buxom woman with noticeably large breasts that move up and down with each step the player takes and they make their own sound. Her body slam also mentions that she uses her... "stage presence" to attack enemies.
  • In one of the cutscenes where Mario must talk to Frankly about the current Crystal Star's location, Frankly says "Assuming will just make-, well, you know the saying".
    Flurrie: Yes, how inappropriate.
Super Mario Sunshine

Mario Strikers Charged

Super Princess Peach
  • Throughout the game, Peach is fighting for control over the Vibe Scepter. Yes. You read that right — a scepter with a vibe. And it's not just the name that's suggestive, the shape of the thing wouldn't seem too far out of place on your average adult-novelty-toy site, either.
    • To make things worse, here's the on-screen text describing the Vibe Scepter at the end of the game: "The Vibe Scepter has strange and mysterious powers, that's for sure... Maybe... Just maybe... The Vibe Scepter is hidden away in your house somewhere... Your mom's been laughing happily a lot? One thing about that scepter: no one knows who created it or why, but... Somewhere, someone might possibly be using it right now...... What?"

Mario Super Sluggers
  • Wario does this on one of the loading screens.

Super Mario Bros. (film)
  • One of the more suggestive exchanges:
    Lena: I want you.
    Koopa: Now is hardly the time or place for that, Lena.
    • Getting "Love Is the Drug" on the Boom Boom Bar's jukebox.

Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario 3D World
  • Near the beginning of World 4-Castle is a structure (the way to get the first green star) that, when completed, resembles a stone penis. Adding to it, there are two "P" buttons to the side, and in single player mode you have to throw an enemy shaped like a ball of rock on at least one of them. Possibly excused because the shape sort of involves the puzzle, but still, this appears to be pretty intentional.
  • If one holds their finger on the Wii U Game Pad (in real life) and holds their finger on either a Toad or a Sprixie, The Toad/Sprixie will suggestively giggle.

Mario & Luigi series
  • In Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, Toadsworth repeatedly, in every line of the tutorial, insists that the Bros. Ball move (in which both brothers interlock their bodies to form a ball) "requires a bit of an open mind", that it "is not a bit odd" and that the audience and brothers should "keep the jokes to themselves", amongst other things about how innocent it is.
  • In the French version of Bowser's Inside Story, one area is called "Cul de Sac". Now, Cul de Sac is a perfectly acceptable term, but said area is inside Bowser's... rear area (And "Cul" is basically French for "ass"). That's right: the translators managed to say "Ass" in a Mario game.
  • Building on Bowser's Inside Story, Fawful literally yanks Peach out of Bowser's ass (thankfully via magic rather than more direct means). Bowser's response? "Hey, put that back!"
  • It can seem somewhat awkward in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga that when Luigi apparently dismisses the idea that Prince Peasley could beat them in collecting all the Beanstar pieces, Peasley uses his sword to strike Luigi in the backside. Seriously. Not to mention the fact that Luigi just blushes after this! Also, earlier in the game, Prince Peasley gives a rose (one that "goes well with your green") that allows the Mario Bros. access to Bean Bean Castle. Luigi just spins with joy. Luigi is just infatuated with Prince Peasley.
  • In Dream Team, one Pi'illo early in the game calls Starlow nude. Also, Starlow and Dreambert later distract some Shy Guys by gossiping about a birthmark on Bowser in "that place". Also, the one spare hotel room in Pi'illo Castle, as in the one without an staying guests, is the one with the double bed. You see Mario and Luigi go into that room to restore health with a good night's sleep. It's a pretty big double bed but still...!
  • In Bowser's Inside Story, right before you fight the Blooper boss, you get this:
    Fawful: It is I who added the nuts to that statue.

Mario Party series
  • There are countless mini-games that, thanks to the camera angle, have you staring directly up Peach's or Daisy's dress. Slightly mitigated by the fact that getting such a view reveals them to have nothing but void above the knees.
  • In the third installment, Bowser will sometimes make a rather suggestive pose when you land on his space... note 

Sonic the HedgehogRadar/Video Games    

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