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    In-Game Elements 
  • A lot of the outfits (especially the female ones) could be seen as GCPR, including male bondage gear, Absolute Cleavage, and a strategically placed snake. How does that get in a T-rated game?
  • The achievement "Kickin' the Tentacles" in Lego Rock Band sounds awfully like something else. In a kid's game, too!
  • The arcade cabinets in the arcade venue have government warnings saying "Weiners don't use drugs".
    • Don't forget the high score screens on those same arcade cabinets. Apparently there are people in the Rock Band universe with initials like "FUK", "ASS" and "POO". That's right, Rock Band got away with an F-bomb in a T-rated game.
    • At least one arcade cabinet, which shares a screen with the tour bus video game, has the score listed as 69/420.
  • The "Blitz and Giggles" achievement in Blitz.

    Lyrics - T-Rated 
  • The PSP version makes you press buttons to Jack Black saying "Drop trou, and squeeze out a Cleveland Steamer on my chest."
    • And as of release on Rock Band 2, you can are told to actually SAY IT (Granted since it's a talky). But please try not to laugh too much.
    • And they didn't even bother to edit the preview track, which results in "shit" being blurted out, plain as day, twice. That didn't just get past the radar, it blew right through it while flashing painted rainbow colors.
  • Even more curious, Iron Maiden's "2 Minutes to Midnight" is heavily censored in Guitar Hero 5, but not in Rock Band. Namely the phrase "to kill the unborn in the womb" (the first two words are censored on the GH disc).
    • Perhaps it being very much an anti-war song helps.
    • Or the fact it's optional in RB, not in GH5.
  • Heck, Stupify by Disturbed actually leaves the swearing in because you can't understand what they're saying anyway. It's rendered in the lyrics as random yelling.
  • "The Beatles'" "Girl" they actually charted "Tit" in the harmony vocals!
  • ...HAMMER SMASHED FACE, people! Sure, it may be DLC and have indecipherable, growled vocals, but this is the original cover art (the game uses censored art). And here are the lyrics. In case you didn't know, they're about a psychopathic killer... With a hammer!
    • So is Maxwell's Silver Hammer in The Beatles: Rock Band, and they got away with that too. Then again, they are The Beatles.
    • Just the fact that they have Cannibal Corpse in their catalogue is a ton of shit past the radar.
  • In Green Day Rock Band, all the songs have 'swear' words, save for the words 'fuck' and 'shit'. Example: In 'Letterbomb', you get to sing 'Where have all the bastards gone?' at the beginning. Fun! Also, 'masturbation' in Longview, and so on.
    • Also, Longview contains the line "And I smell like shit" a few times, with the "shit" being drawn out for a while. The game reads this as "And I smell like shiiiiiiiiiii..." (it's actually written "shih" in the lyrics highway).
  • There are actually well-listed rules for content of songs for Rock Band Network entries, which align pretty well with what HMX has officially put out, though rely on peer reviews to verify are acceptable.
  • In Rock Band 3 (and Guitar Hero 6 for that matter), you've got "Been Caught Stealing". If you've wanted to sing about shoplifting, now's your chance. Bonus points if you stole the game note 
    • Also on Rock Band 3 is Break On Through, including the lyric "she get high", which is pretty tame, but the most popular version of the song censors "high", and this version is heard more often in radio and games (including Tony Hawk). A remastered, uncensored version was released just in time to be incorporated into RB3.
    • Living in America starts with: Teenage pornstars.
    • Portions for Foxes practically screams "sex", complete with orgasmic pants that you actually get to sing along to.
    • Beast and the Harlot and This Bastard's Life also push the boundaries.
  • "ZTO" by Devin Townsend, which at one point has the singer (taken over by Ziltoid) shout "Balls! Balls! BALLS!"
  • "Roxanne" in the original Rock Band is about the singer being in love with a prostitute. It includes the lines, "You don't have to sell your body to the night" and "Walk the streets for money".
  • "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John makes you sing "bitch" over FORTY times. Mind you that in a lot of songs they censor "bitch", so this was a big shocker to even the Rock Band community.
  • There's the song that's not so obviously about suicide in Rock Band 2, Today by The Smashing Pumpkins. It's constantly played as a background song, and it has the line "I'll burn my eyes out".
    • In a similar vein, there's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter in 3.
  • The downloadable songs "Jeremy" and "Pumped Up Kicks" are both about abused and outcast teenagers killing teenagers, with the former being more grim and the latter being more blatantly transparent. What's more, "Pumped Up Kicks" was included with Rock Band Blitz.
  • Sleepwalker by Megadeth has a lyric about giving someone a Columbian necktie.
  • Holiday in Cambodia. It would appear that Harmonix had a choice of what to censor with "Where you'll kiss ass or crack". If so, They went with "ass", as censoring that out has less impact on gameplay than "crack".

    Lyrics - E-Rated 

    Rock Band World 

But if that bothers you, there's a number of Lighter and Softer clothes and songs, so you can avoid singing about suicide and the like.