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Series: Outcasts
Outcasts is a British SF show broadcast by The BBC in 2011, produced in collaboration with South African and German partners.

The series is about a group of colonists attempting to survive on a planet called "Carpathia", after Earth got nuked in World War III, which apparently was caused by a major confrontation between the USA and China over Taiwan. The hardness of the SF steadily decreases over the series. The initial tension develops from disputes among the humans about the best way of surviving and organising, with the majority of the colonists, led by President Tate, wanting to set up a stable community, and the military Expeditionaries, led by Mitchell Hoban, wanting to strike out further into unknown territory. But there are even more serious tensions between the standard-issue humans and the "Advanced Cultivars", genetically-engineered humans created to have a greater chance of surviving hostile environments. And there is also the question of whether the planet really is uninhabited by sentient life.

While the show has attracted some fans, it received some strongly negative responses from other SF fan commentators, and generally hostile reactions from the mainstream press reviewers. From the sixth episode on, it was moved from its original weekday primetime slot to a desultory Sunday late-evening slot, suggesting that the BBC had pretty much given up on it. A second season looks unlikely was not commissioned.

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