Radar / Katamari Damacy

  • The intro to one of the levels in Katamari Damacy has the King of All Cosmos say "Russia is very large, but Our royal thing is much larger." This from the character who appears to be wearing a rather prominent codpiece.
  • The cousin Johnson has a very long head which sticks straight forward, with his face on the very tip.
  • Cousin Odeko also has an extremely long head, though his sticks straight up. In fact, while most cousins have pill-shaped heads, his lines up flush with the rest of his body, making him resemble a single long rod. He's also explictedly proud of his height and constantly brags about it. In Touch My Katamari, he wears stripes in order to make himself look wider as well.
  • The drill-legged cousin Drooby has 'Mystery Globes' on her chest. Why use the term 'Mystery Globes'? Because that's what Velvet's online profile calls them when she borrows them for Touch My Katamari.
    • Foomin also changes her costume for Touch My Katamari, wearing cow-print like her absent friend Daisy. Unlike Daisy, however, she doesn't wear pink tights to invoke udders... she wears pink on her head. And her online profile claims she's trying to update her image to seem sexier.
      • Oh, and on that note - Daisy doesn't wear pink tights. Her feet ARE udders. Her profile explicitly mentions milk squirting from her feet when she walks.
  • In the descriptions of the items you pick up, the King says that handcuffs are used when you've been very bad... or very good.
    • He also says that peaches are a "butt-shaped fruit that are tastier than most butts".
    • The King's description of the cobra item: "It's rumored that there are even larger ones hidden in trousers."
  • There are several "Uranus" jokes in the last level of Beautiful Katamari.
    • One of the loading screens, reads "WE ♥ URANUS. WE ♥ KATAMARI, TOO. ♥
  • If you manage to roll up both the King and Queen of the Cosmos in the Elephant/Bird level of We ♥ Katamari, the King will, in so many words, mention that sex inside a Katamari is great.
  • Guess what the newest game coming out for Playstation Vita is going to be called: Touch My Katamari.
  • We ♥ Katamari uses the HOLLYWOOD letters in one level to spell out "OH MY WOOD!"
  • Cousin Lalala. Period.
  • The sides of Cousin Honey's head look distinctly like boobs with nipples. Which she can squish and stretch.
  • One of the starting points for the Sun level in Beautiful Katamari places you in front of a sumo wrestler, and the King's head appears where you might exepct it to appear.