Heartwarming / Katamari Damacy

  • At the end of Katamari Forever, The King, always so demanding and critical of his son, helps The Prince with defeating Roboking.
  • The final cutscene of We Love Katamari has multiple endings, all which show the King doting on his newborn son, the Prince. Highlights include:
    • Three of the endings show the King playing peek-a-boo with Prince, playfully tossing Prince in the air, and singing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" to him, respectfully
    • The King thanking his son for being born, as the Emperor's approving face appears in the sky above them
    • The King trying to comfort a crying Prince, saying that smiling will make him "popular with the ladies"
    • In multiple endings, the King hopes that Prince will become big and strong, like the sun
    • The King says "This is how We feel about you, little prince," and presses a button; this causes a picture of Prince's face to appear in the stars, along with a message: We Love You.
  • The ending credits of the first game, especially due to the lyrics of "Katamari Of Love." The second game provides this with the post-credits, final cutscene depicting the the newborn Prince with his parents.