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Quotes: Zardoz
"Beyond 1984, Beyond 2001, Beyond Love, Beyond Death"
The Zardoz tagline

"At first I was thinking that it was one of those movies I should be stoned to appreciate, and then it sunk in that I was getting stoned just watching it."
P. Z. Myers, Pharyngula

"John Boorman’s Zardoz is a genuinely quirky movie, a trip into a future that seems ruled by perpetually stoned set decorators. ... The movie is an exercise in self-indulgence (if often an interesting one) by Boorman, who more or less had carte blanche to do a personal project after his immensely successful Deliverance."

"This will make slightly more sense later on. SLIGHTLY."

"Get ready for Zardoz, the only movie that manages to be both unbearably tedious and completely fucking insane all at the same time!"
The Agony Booth's recap of Zardoz

"What you're looking at is the line between genius and insanity. Actually, the line is slightly out of focus, BEING DANCED ON BY A SCOTSMAN IN RED LINGERIE!"
Noah Antwiler on Sean Connery's costume

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