Quotes / Zap Dramatic

Have a pastry.
Helen, inexplicably shifting the focus of a marriage counseling session to pastries

Mmmm, Helen makes the most sumptuous pastries!
Yale in response to the above quote

Hi, My name's Jim. Put your hands in the air! What are you upset about?
Jim the cop, looking like a complete idiot (this is actually the correct choice, by the way)

I can take my clothes off in the bathroom. Do you think I can take my clothes off here?

Because I'm a terrorist!
Duke Crabtree, in response to the question of why he has hijacked the player's cab

Objection, irrelevant!
Sustained! You're off the case!
The prosecutor and the Judge (if you actually play Episode 10, be prepared to hear this or some variation of it a lot)

I'll blow us all to Hell!
— Practically Ted's Catch-Phrase in the first two episodes

The only ring I've got is around the collar. Suck on this, sinner!
A cop after being asked if he's married, who responds to that query by shooting the player