Fridge / Zap Dramatic

Fridge Brilliance

  • At the beginning of episode 8, Rolf is making a speech at a shareholder's meeting, and he gets a laugh with a Freudian Slip that appears to have been part of the speech. In "Negotiator Part 3," you play a PR worker, and it is mentioned that you wrote a funny speech for a shareholder's meeting. Assuming that both games take place within the same continuity, it's possible that you were the one who wrote Rolf's speech.
    • This leads into Fridge Horror when you think about the hallucination you go through during the Negotiation. Have you been using the same medication Ted was given?
      • What was in the plastic bag?

Fridge Horror

  • In one game over scenario in Episode 1, Ted asks Jim to feed his dog Bingo once he's gone and then detonates his bomb. As pointed out by Diabetus, Jim will have no way of feeding the dog, due to the fact that the bomb kills him as well. Also, Bingo is not mentioned anywhere besides that one scenario, so it's a wonder what became of him after Ted is taken to jail.
    • If we are to believe that The Negotiator takes place after Ambition and Ted is the vagabond then it seems Bridget took him too.
  • These games, with all of their Insane Troll Logic, trigger-happy characters, and gross misunderstanding of the human psyche and what mental illness is, are actually intended to be realistic lessons on how to deal with other people. Worse, there are actual legitimate organizations using these things as training tools, including the Department of Defense. Now that is terrifying.
    • Actually, they are realistic, sometimes at least. Oh, they're never realistic for what normal people would do, but "normal" people don't usually need objective, third-party mediators to deal with them. These represent the kind of people mediators can expect to deal with: drugged up, mentally unstable, and maybe just a bit stupid. ...of course, there are cases when even that doesn't apply.