Nightmare Fuel: Zap Dramatic

  • A meta example: These games were intended as actual negotiation training programs. Unless they're an elaborate parody, that means that the creator sees the actions and decisions of the characters as sane and reasonable.
    • The one about bullying was made in response to the problems Gibson's daughter was having in real life! And these are what he thinks are appropriate reactions! That poor girl...
    • Worse, there are actual legitimate organizations using these things as training tools, including the Department of Defense. Now that is terrifying.
  • Helen's scream just comes out of nowhere.
  • The strangely-drawn stenographer in the courtroom in Episode 10. It's more funny than scary, though, seeing as Gibson didn't bother finishing his face.
  • In Move or Die, Mrs. Grimm's piranha's are actually rather intimidating despite the amateurish art that plagues all of Gibson's games, due to the fact that their bulging eyes and massive teeth are pretty much the only things that are visible in complete darkness.
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