Quotes: Why We Are Bummed Communism Fell

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Cigarette Man: Gorbachev has just resigned.
Matlock: (distraught) There's no more enemies!
The X-Files, "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"

Pres. Frank Underwood: Tell me, do you kiss the wife of every president?
Pres. Viktor Petrov: Not every president's wife looks like yours.
Frank: [laughs, and then turns to the audience] I'd push him down the stairs and light his broken body on fire just to watch it burn, if it wouldn't start a world war.

"How the fuck do you peddle an arms race when the only asshole you've got to race against is yourself!?"
Agent Russell, The Russia House

Revolver Ocelot: We live in a sad age: Imperialism, totalitarianism, perestroika... 20th century Russia had its share of problems, but at least they had an ideology. Russia today has nothing!
Solid Snake: They're struggling between freedom and order. And with that struggle, a new spirit of nationalism has been born.

"The Russians got bigger things to worry about than your genitals, believe me. The whole country went to shit. We tried hard to put a lid on it, but that idiot Gorbachev—with the little strawberry on his forehead—he gave away the crown jewels. Still, they got their, you know, boy in the White House; that was nice."

Boris: The real Michael Westen, yes? Back home, your story Russian intelligence tells to scare. They say you are one name for many people, special operations team. They think one person cannot make so much problems.
Michael: Nope. Just me.
Boris: (chuckles, shakes hand) Nice to meet you, Michael! Is new world, yes?
Michael: (sadly) Yes.
Burn Notice, "Pilot"

"Last few years have been very confusing for people in my line of work."
Greg, the Russian "cultural attaché" from Sneakers

"I can't change sides, you silly old fart! There's no side to change sides to!"
General Leland Zevo, Toys

Earl Bassett: So how you and Heather doing?
Burt Gummer: Well, she's.. still visiting her sister. You know, she actually blames our problems on the collapse of the Soviet Union!
Earl Bassett: Well, you did take that kinda hard, Burt...

Spudgun: I think she's got a point, actually.
Richie: Well why don't you just go and live in the Soviet Union?
Spudgun: Because it doesn't exist.
Dave Hedgehog: And it's horrible.
Richie: [Floundering] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... well, that was my point.
Spudgun: Well, it was a bit of a stupid point then, wasn't it?

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"In June, Jack had his unpleasant meeting with Khrushchev at Vienna. Khrushchev wanted total disarmament, as opposed to Kennedy's meager ban on nuclear testing, so devised that each side could cheat. It seems clear now that the Russians wanted to settle their accounts with us and move from war to peace. But Jack was not about to let twilight turn to peaceful evening if it meant that, in the process, he would be reduced from potential warrior-god to mere Chester A. Arthur."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

“Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.
George Kennan

"I'm running out of enemies...I'm down to Kim Il-Sung and Castro."
Colin Powell

"We all grew up in a very different era, when we were focused on the threat from the Soviet Union. What's happening now is we are seeing problems from a variety of places, some of it due to globalization, frankly, which has an opposite side that has created a lot of nationalism in those countries or places where people feel lost within the facelessness of globalization...to put it mildly, the world is a mess."
—Former U.S Secretary of State Madeline Albright

"Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain."
Vladimir Putin (attributed) paraphrasing the old adage, "A conservative at 20 has no heart, a liberal at 40 has no brain."

"The man's search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends! The Soviet Union's let him down! Albania's gone! The Red Army is out of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia. The hunt persists!"
Christopher Hitchens on George Gallowayy

"World politics in the twenty-first century will in all likelihood be driven primarily by blowback from the second half of the twentieth century—that is, from the unintended consequences of the Cold War and the crucial American decision to maintain a Cold War posture in a post-Cold War world.U.S. administrations did what they thought they had to do in the Cold War years."
Chalmers Johnson, Blowback

"The first half of The '90s largely reflected this realization that the world was no longer what we thought it'd be, from the decline of the military industrial complex, to who should be the default bad guys in fiction."

"This is the overriding image of the 1990s. The lurking horror of something that is erased. The other shoe waiting to drop. A peace time borne not out of any victory, lacking any stability, bounded menacingly by a leering trail of zeroes glaring eschatologically in the distance. The nineties are a soap bubble of calm always in the midst of bursting."

"The fall of the Soviet Union caused a lot of problems — such as political and economic disarray, missing nuclear weapons, runaway crime, that sort of thing — but probably the worst thing about it was that moviegoers lost maybe the best bad guy country we'd ever had, aside from Nazi Germany. James Bond used to be a lone man taking on a massive evil empire with just his wits and lovemaking skills. Then one day in the 90s he finds himself fighting newspaper owners."

"In truth, we have not thought nearly enough about the end of the cold war, and especially the intellectual vacuum that it left behind. If nothing else, the cold war focused the mind. The ideologies in conflict, whose lineages could be traced back two centuries, offered clear opposing views of political reality. Now that they are gone, one would expect things to be much clearer to us, but just the opposite seems true. Never since the end of World War II, and perhaps since the Russian Revolution, has political thinking in the West been so shallow and clueless. We all sense that ominous changes are taking place in our societies, and in other societies whose destinies will very much shape our own. Yet we lack adequate concepts or even a vocabulary for describing the world we find ourselves in. The connection between words and things has snapped. The end of ideology has not meant the lifting of clouds. It has brought a fog so thick that we can no longer read what is right before us. We find ourselves in an illegible age."
Mark Lilla, The New Republic