Quotes: Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things

One day I was met by a delegation of Trekkies at my front door and when I asked them what they were doing here, they reminded me I had said to them 'I hope to see you again someday soon'. They only understood what I meant after I ran to get my shotgun. Unfortunately, they were gone by the time I locked and loaded.

There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this ladyís roof. Itís just not funny, itís been done before. You are not the first. We love our fans; I donít love those fans. I donít even consider them fans, I consider them jagoffs.
Vince Gilligan on the New Mexico pizza roof house

im done. FEZ II is canceled. goodbye. [1]
to be clear, im not cancelling FEZ II because some boorish fuck said something stupid, im doing it to get out of games. [2]
and im getting out of games because i choose not to put up with this abuse anymore. [3]
Phil Fish

CBJ: The irony of this is that when we were posting weekly screenshots, people were complaining that it wasn't enough and demanded videos. When we provided a video they demanded gameplay information. The reality is that no matter what we provide, people will always want more, and this thread will run on regardless, with those people who are inclined to do so getting irate and impatient. Again, we know people want more information, but despite what some of those may people think, doing what they want isn't always the right course of action when the bigger picture is taken into account.

There are a number of us in academia who love games, care about games, and believe games are important. We have been working for years to make games a legitimate tool for education and for study, and we were making progress. People were starting to take games seriously. And then came GamerGate. I have seen the careful progress of a decade come crashing down, and now, when I go to talk about games to industry groups or fellow academics, GamerGate always comes up as an example of how terrible and immature people who play games are. It will take years and years to repair the damage...We are going to have trouble getting grants, getting foundations to fund games, and getting people to take us seriously.
Rebut to The Cynical Brit's "Where Are the Scientists?"

Ever since FKA Twigs, the British singer with seal-shaped brows, has been seen with Robert Pattinson, the Robsten crazies have screamed, 'PHOTOSHOP!' and other dumb shit...Because my life is sad, Iíve spent some nights drunkenly trolling through #Robsten on Twitter and Iíve found that a lot of those crazies arenít 14. Theyíre grown mothers who spend their time wallpapering their basement walls with pictures of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson because thatís not at all crazy.
Michael K., "FKA Twigs Says That Being With Robert Pattinson Makes The Twihard Hate Worth It"

Nitro on July 5 broadcast once again from the Georgia Dome, home to some of its biggest past successes...Bret's interview began with him saying that WCW had told him to go ahead and talk for as long as he wanted. He basically said that his family had lived for wrestling their whole lives, and now, tragically, they'd also died for it. He said he wasn't sure if he'd ever wrestle again (this was met with a violently negative reaction), and also that if he never got a chance to say it to his fans again, thank you. Getting into the ring was obviously a lot harder than he had thought it was going to be, and it was upsetting to him to hear the few hecklers who obviously didn't understand the gravity of what had happened to his family.

"And that's about it," he concluded. "Thank you very much."
R. D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez, The Death of WCW

Oh, Pro Football Talk commenters, you never let me down...There is no easier thing to do as a sports fan than to sit back and play amateur capologist and blast a team for giving an athlete money. Why, you'd play for free! I don't harbor any favoritism toward Colin Kaepernick. I interviewed him once and he seemed all right, but he's not on my favorite team, so I don't give a shit if he succeeds. All I know is that in the NFL, you either have a QB, or you have nothing. So when you have one that has demonstrated some measure of ability (Kaepernick has by any measure), you pay him because quarterbacks get paid.
Drew Magary, Make It Stop

The biggest loser in the history of wrestling fans. His highlights include:
Taimapedia on Green Lantern Fan