Quotes / Thrown Out the Airlock

You know, what the folks back home don't understand—the ones who've never left Earth—is just how dangerous space can be. Aside from incidents like this, just the everyday reality of living your days and nights in a big tin can surrounded by a vacuum. I remember my first time on a transport on the Moon-Mars run. I was just a kid, maybe seventeen. A buddy of mine was messing around and zipping through the halls. And he hid in one of the airlocks. I don't know, I guess he was going to try to scare us or something. I don't know. But just as I got close, he must have hit the wrong button, because the air doors slammed shut, the space doors, opened, and he just flew out into space. And the one thing they never tell you is that you don't die instantly in vacuum. He just hung there, against the black, like a puppet with his strings all tangled up—or like one of those old cartoons where you run off the edge of a cliff and your legs keep going. You could see that he was trying to breathe, but there was nothing! And one thing I remember when they pulled in his body—his eyes were frozen. [long pause] A lot of people make jokes about spacing somebody, about shoving somebody out an airlock. I don't think it's funny. Never will.
Dr. Stephen Franklin, Babylon 5, "And Now For A Word"

The Junkman: One wrong move, and you'll be sucked out an airlock.
Sheen: Cool, an airlock!
Jimmy: We won't survive being sucked into space.
Sheen: Oh. But still, an airlock!

"You know, I hear tell they used to keelhaul traitors back in the day. I don't have a keel to haul you on, so..."
Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly, "Ariel"

"Put that thing out the airlock."
President Laura Roslin, Battlestar Galactica, to pretty much every Cylon she encounters. She's called "Madame Airlock" for a reason.

"Hostages that don't cooperate get thrown out the airlock with the rest of the trash."

Sheridan: Commander! Did you threaten to grab this man by the collar and threaten to throw him out an airlock?
Ivanova: [chagrined] Yes, I did.
Sheridan: I'm shocked! Shocked and dismayed. May I remind you that we are short on supplies here? We can't afford to take perfectly good clothing and throw it out into space! Always take the jacket off first — I've told you that before! Sorry. She meant to say, "stripped naked and thrown out of an airlock". I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
Babylon 5, "The Illusion of Truth"

Reporter: We thought that if you knew we were reporters we would not be allowed on board.
Sheridan: Well that was your first mistake. Here on Babylon 5, we have an open-door policy.
Ivanova: And an open-airlock policy.
Sheridan: Commander!
Babylon 5, "The Illusion of Truth"

Your Joker pilot insisted that I call myself Prothy the Prothean. I insisted that he would allow me to throw him out the airlock.
Javik, Mass Effect 3

"Release them... into space."
Sarris, Galaxy Quest

LOTA: Should any of you even approach those systems, LOTA would be required to fire you.
Kevyn: Okay, I get it.
LOTA: Out an airlock.

Campaign Manager Morty: That Morty is not what he seems!
Secret Service Rick 1 Yeah, well, no Morty seems like a president.
Campaign Manager Morty: H-he... won?
Secret Service Rick 1 Yeah. [shuts the inner door] It was a blow-out. [opens the air lock, sending Morty into space]
Secret Service Rick 2 I'd hardly call it a blow-out; it was close enough to trigger a recount.
Secret Service Rick 1 Jesus! What are you, joke security now, too?
Rick and Morty, The Ricklantis Mixup

Six weeks into her involuntary tenure on Faraday Station, Cynthia Feuerwerker needed a job. She could no longer afford to be choosy about it, either; her oxygen tax was due, and you didnít have to be a medical doctor to understand the difficulties inherent in trying to breathe vacuum.

Kitty was devastated that this person she had come to love, even worship in such a short time, could turn out to be a Janus. With Varenka holding onto one trembling arm and Tatiana onto the other, she went to watch the sentence carried out; Madame Stahl struggled as she was lifted from her wheelbarrow and dragged all the way down the long hallway that led to the portal. She struggled as she was stripped of her clothing and bound head and feet. She struggled and wept as she was shoved into the exit dock and the airlock was shut behind her. She pounded on the interior door as the exterior door was opened from within by remote telegraphy, and she screamed, wordlessly, as her body was launched into the cold vastness of the void. At last, as Kitty watched, weeping from the bay window of the orbiter, Madame Stahl stopped screaming, stopped crying, and her body became entirely still, floating rapidly away into echoing black eternity.
Android Karenina