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Quotes: Stay in the Kitchen
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When I went to school, I learned to write and how to read,
History, geography and home economy,
And typing is a skill that every girl is sure to need,
To while away the extra time until the time to breed,
And then they had the nerve to ask, "What would you like to be?"
I said, "I'm gonna be an engineer!"

"No, you only need to learn to be a lady,
The duty isn't yours, for to try and run the world,
An engineer could never have a baby,
Remember, dear, that you're a girl."
Peggy Seeger, Gonna Be An Engineer

Olive: Why are there no women running for president?
Popeye: Because they're too busy runnin' fer huskbands!
Popeye, "Olive Oyl for President"

"Just a girl. Get out of here!"
Ryu Hayabusa on meeting Irene Lew, Ninja Gaiden

"Undue concern for women leads to contempt for them."

“These blithering women who thought they could do a man's work. Why the hell couldn't they stay at home and mind their pots and pans and stick to their frocks and gossip and leave men's work to the men.”

Kyle: Yeah, but that sucks, to get your butt kicked by a girl, Stan.
Cartman: I would never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried anything, I'd be like, "Hey, you get your bitch ass back in the kitchen, and make me some pie!"

"This is the Association of World Super Men! You're little girls! We are the men! — the protectors, the hunters, the fighters and the show-offs, and the noise-makers! You are little girls. You should be at home with your mommy learning how to cook and clean and... blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-whatever-women-stuff. So leave the super heroics to the super men!
Major Glory, The Powerpuff Girls, "Members Only"

Margaret Schroeder: I come from a country where women already have the right to vote. In fact, in most civilized countries women are afforded that privilege.
Senator Edge: Well, in this country we're simply trying to protect women from the hard truths of life.
Margaret Schroeder: By denying them the right to take a meaningful part in it?

"When Virginia Woolf wrote "every woman needs a room of one's own", she must have been talking about the kitchen!"

Mega Man: Whoa, where do you think you're going?
Roll: With you!
Mega Man: Not a chance, fancypants! I don't need any girl robots getting in my way!
Roll: You mean you don't want a girl robot showing you up.
Mega Man: Forget it, Roll! It's too dangerous.
Mega Man cartoon

Trinity: I'm coming too.
Neo: No, you're staying here.
Trinity: Excuse me? I am the captain of this ship. So if you don't want me to come with you, you can go to hell. Because you won't be going anywhere else.

"Your job is cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry and anything else I can think of."
Eustace Bagge, Courage the Cowardly Dog

Seliph: Lana, I want you to stay in town. We'll be heading east to the sandy basin to confront the enemy.
Lana: Sir, I'm not staying behind!
Seliph: I'm not going to let you get yourself killed out there. Nuns and warfare DO NOT MIX!!

"Let's ask you the questions now. Why were you holding [Homura] back? Is it because she's a girl, and you're a knight in shining armor, obliged to save damsels?"
Archer accusing Cloud of this trope (incorrectly), Our Avatars Are In A Room Together

"Man is, or should be, woman's protector and defender.... The paramount destiny and mission of woman are to fulfil the noble and benign offices of wife and mother. This is the law of the Creator."
Justice Bradley, United States Supreme Court, in Bradwell v. State of Illinois (1873)

"Shut your mouth, pussycat! Farmi un macchiato, pronto!"

    real life 
"Remember, little girl, that one day you must be a German mother."
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

"Ladies, I have a mission for you on election day: cook! Sweet and exquisite things, please. Bring them to the polling station to be examined. The boldest can try making a tart, the most skilful, profiteroles."
Silvio Berlusconi

The last line of defence against the feminist dystopia we all know is coming if women are allowed to make YouTube videos in which they question the wisdom of going into battle wearing a chain-mail bikini.
Tabatha Southey, "A guide to the ideas and words of Gamergate"

"I knew Niecy Nash was in Getting On, Reno 9-11, Clean House, The Soul Man, Hair Show and Cookie's Fortune, but I had no idea she had a PhD in couples therapy. I mean, that’s why someone gave her money to write a book about marriage and relationships, right? Niecy has a book out called It’s Hard To Fight Naked and while talking about it with Playboy, she said that men are simpletons who are happy as long as they have a hot meal in their mouth and a hot mouth on their dick.

Dr. Niecy, who definitely has a masters in blow jobs, basically admitted to giving her second husband of 3 years a beej every day...The anti-Peg Bundy also says that getting her uterus taken out was the greatest thing she’s ever done, because now she and her husband can bareback without worry. I guess Niecy doesn’t know about condoms or birth control, but in her defense, she doesn’t have time to research such things since she’s always gargling peen and making dinner."
DListed, "Niecy Nash Thinks The Key To A Happy Marriage Is Sucking Your Husband’s Peen Every Day"

    on works 
"I spent most of Timelash tied to a pole. It was so small-minded. I have spoken to some of the other assistants and we all suffered from that problem. I found it incredible that Doctor Who has come so far and all they could find for me to do was tie me to a pole!"
Nicola Bryant on Doctor Who, "Timelash"

"A lot of girl power ended up on the cutting room floor, unfortunately. I had a really awesome scene where I was fighting The Foot Clan, but I think they were like, 'Why would a tiny journalist be able to kick so much ass?' So that got cut."

"As a reminder: the premise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that four anthropomorphic turtles, named for Renaissance artists, were trained in the arts of ninja fighting by an anthropomorphic rat. They battle aliens and mutant animals in the sewers of New York City. But, no, it just doesn't make sense that a small woman would be able to successfully beat a foe in hand-to-hand combat. JUST HOW FAR DO YOU EXPECT US TO SUSPEND OUR DISBELIEF?"
Callie Beusman, Jezebel

"Marina and I have always laughed about the fact that both of us can do fencing and that sort of thing. We're the ones who bash pots over warrior's heads, instead of doing karate or whatever."
Gates McFadden discussing her and co-star Marina Sirtis' tendency to play this role on Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Its fascinating to compare the lives of Sisko and Janeway in their respective series six — he is juggling the fates of Empires whilst she is personalising her own dildo!"
Doc Och on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "In the Pale Moonlight"

"Keeping with the tradition of only being relegated to horribly-trivial B-plots, Jill helps Shauni in her quest to drive out sub-standard beach concessions."
Obscurus Lupa on Baywatch, "Home Court"

"[T]he Doctor hits on a very sensible solution — dump Susan off with the first man she's attracted to and tell her to make babies...Carole Ann Ford hits it out of the park, showing the producers quite clearly how much they wasted her talents. But William Hartnell, doing his part of the scene on the TARDIS set, feels like he's reading off a teleprompter. Which, to be fair, he probably was, since fusing two scenes together like this was actually a bit of a technical challenge, but it ends up looking like the Doctor really is eager to get rid of Susan."

"All the WWE superstars surrounded the ring for that night’s Raw main event: a vote of confidence or no-confidence for Triple H! With a headlining match that incredible, you’d think a Senate finance committee meeting might break out at any minute...Beth Phoenix spoke for the Divas. What did the Glamazon, the second woman in history to enter the Royal Rumble against 29 men, have to complain about? The Divas were scared. 'We’re girls,' said the four-time champion. Remember that the next time you hear the slogan, 'Smart, Sexy, and Powerful.'"

"Most of this game is amazing. You'll have shootouts with everyone from hill people to the Mexican army and if you're more than 10 feet from town, there is always a cougar behind you. However, if you take a mission from a woman, you can forget about all that fun. When you talk to a guy, he wants you to get on a gatling gun and kill buffalo rapists. When you talk to a girl, she wants you to play a rhythm action game to feed her pigs. A woman's idea of a mission is a scenic wagon ride or driving her fussy cattle out to pasture, and she will be nagging at you the whole goddamn time."

"Now, the elephant in the room. The thing that overshadows the actual game: Sonia Belmont. Legends acted as an origin story for the entire Castlevania series, and is probably best known for being retconned by Koji Igarashi when he was producing the also-underwhelming Lament of Innocence for the PS2... However, due to a poor translation (or possibly a poor choice of words), Igarashi added that another reason he removed Legends was because the idea of Sonia, a female vampire hunter, was too unrealistic and unbelievable for Castlevania fans because she was a woman. What about Sypha, Carrie and Maria? So much for having respect for the series. 'This game doesn't count! So does one-third of Dracula's Curse!' (This is the same man who would go on to produce the Castlevania fighting game, btw.)"


"DC has a Wonder Woman problem. Or perhaps more accurately, Wonder Woman has a DC problem. The idea of Wonder Woman as a feminist icon is so imprinted in her history, and in analysis of the character, that separating her from feminism should be near impossible. But that hasn’t stopped people trying."
Janelle Asselin, "The F-Word"

"Roy Harper (the hero known at various times as Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and apparently Arsenal again) and Cheshire (an international terrorist and assassin who once destroyed an entire country) are fighting each other because their daughter died...her course of action as an assassin that once dropped nuclear weapons on the Middle East whose child was just murdered is to forget her defining abilities, meekly acquiesce to pity sex, and then reassure her lover that hey, this happens to a lot of guys whose arm-stumps have been infected with 'nanomites.'"
Chris Sims on ''Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal'

"If you look up 'rogue' in the dictionary you'll see that it's the polar opposite of how the character is depicted in the initial X-Men trilogy. Many fans viewed Rogue's decision to nullify her powers by taking The Cure in Ratner's X-Men 3 as a betrayal of her character, but her choice was actually completely in line with how Singer established her in his movies. Movie Rogue has absolutely no reason to be proud of the powers that brought her nothing but misery...The only time Rogue comes close to being as badass as her comic book counterpart is when she's suited up for promotional photos that don't reflect her usage in the movies. She's such a milquetoast that it felt overdue when her spot on the team was finally outsourced to former cameo queen Kitty 'I'm nothing without Lockheed' Pryde...When Singer announced that Rogue's solitary DoFP scene had been cut for pacing issues, fan reaction was split between 'Yay! She sucked anyway!' and 'Yay! At least they can't ruin her anymore!'"

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