Quotes / Static Character

"If you make that kid the Chosen Hero, you can totally bypass any other character development!"

"In a town where everyone's so carefully reinventing themselves, what I like about Freddy is that he doesn't even pretend to change."

"I think the character has not progressed since season four. In fact, he may even have regressed a little."
Robert Beltran on his role in Star Trek: Voyager

"The character, under the hood, still isn't made for emotion. She's a Doctor Who companion through and through. Decades after 'The Hand of Fear', she has no living family, no romantic attachments, no friends, a job that exists only to justify starting a plot (I believe the last time we saw Sarah Jane actually write an article was in the opening credits to K-9 and Company). The Sarah Jane Adventures has given her a family, but they're a family that exists to fight aliens, which is to say, to let her continue functioning as a '70s Doctor Who'' companion.

"Troi is in the process of shaving Riker's beard, which, sadly enough, is the culmination of all the character development Riker gets between the middle of the series and the end of the films. Essentially, in the early days of the show, the beard made him likable, and now, he's matured enough that he can be likeable without the beard. That's really pretty much it. That's his character arc."

"Astonishing that in seven years Harry Kim goes nowhere. Its like the character is stuck in stasis, always an eager young nobody who wants to grow up and advance his career but never quite making it up the next step of the ladder. Paris is promoted and demoted, hooks up with B’lanna and has a kid in the time that Harry Kim gets no development whatsoever. Take his first scene and his last scene in this series and he is exactly the same person doing exactly the same things."
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker"

"It feels like Skinner has found himself stuck looping through the same character arc over and over again, the conflicted ally to Mulder and Scully... There is a sense that Skinner is a character trapping running in circles. He only gets so far before the production team decide that they liked the original dynamic and decided to reset him back to factory settings."

"At this point, I don’t care if we ever get to the point where Lex Luthor acts like Lex Luthor ; I just want Superman to act like Superman. I mean, broken record time, but in this episode, Ollie’s busting up bank robberies in disguise, Lois is out going door-to-door to drum up support for repealing the VRA, and even Martha Kent — MA FRIGGIN’ KENT! — is giving speeches! Clark is doing NOTHING."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Beacon")

"Every Resident Evil game since RE3 has chosen its main protagonists by lining up the main characters of the first two games and throwing a dart. Do these people never age or do anything else with their lives? Has Chris Redfield ever made it all the way to the chemist and back without getting embroiled in zombie horror?"