Quotes: Spotlight-Stealing Squad

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Those guys always get all the attention!
Simba after hearing Timon & Pumbaa are tonight's featured performers at the House of Mouse

Montana Moorehead: This ingénue from HELL! She has more lines than I do and she's A GOD! DAMN! MUTE!!
David: Nope, not any more. (forks over script)
Moorehead: Not any more what? Not any more lines?
David: Not any more mute. Word from upstairs says she regains her voice next week.

Wolverine: Stay on topic, bub! This movie's about me!
Rorschach: Weren't all the X-Men movies about you? They sure as hell weren't about Halle Berry. At least she doesn't think so.
I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Wolverine and Watchmen (Rorschach)


Think about that: you're the first woman Captain of any science fiction event—in anything, really—of substance. And everything's coasting along fine. Year one, year two, year three. End of year three, you let go of one actor and you hire another. The new actress, Jeri Ryan, comes in, playing Seven of Nine. And all of a sudden the T&A element comes in. So as a woman captain, you're thinking, wow, look what I've done for women all across the globe, one step forward for women's rights. And then they bring this in?! Everything I've worked for has been erased by what you've done by bringing in this character! ...And so she was pissed. She stayed pissed for Season Four, Five Six, and Seven.
Garrett Wang on Star Trek: Voyager

    Web Original 

[Abe] Vigoda always seemed to be a part of Barney Miller but in fact his character retired from the force at the beginning of season four, though he continued play Fish on Fish, a not-bad spin-off...In one of the great, possibly apocryphal examples of showbiz chutzpah, at the peak of Vigoda's popularity as Fish, his manager reportedly demanded the name of the show be changed to Fish & Barney. Not even Barney & Fish.

Seven of Nine learns the art of WWF and takes on The Rock! No I’m not blissed out on drugs! I thought Chakotay was an aggressive fighter in his spare time? For this episode to have made sense shouldn’t it have been about him or didn’t he look as hot in a leotard? Sheesh! If not Chakotay then surely B’Elanna would have been the next best option given her uncontrollable anger that was explored in Juggernaut. Surely witnessing her inner turmoil not to fight would have been an extension of that. Once again though Jeri Ryan probably seemed a safer bet in a leotard.
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Tsunkatse"

Even the crusty old cynics here at WrestleCrap.com can’t deny that John Cena has worked incredibly hard to earn his spot atop WWE. It’s not Cena’s fault that the company has a never-ending over reliance on him to the point that they are horrified to go even one week without him on television.

The Doctor spends the first episode walking from the TARDIS to Tranquil Repose as various misadventures fail to happen to him. (There is that wall he climbs.) The Daleks, meanwhile, are almost entirely sidelined in the first episode... With all of them sidelined, the first episode is freed up to focus almost entirely on its other plotlines. And it's actually quite good.

This is a real problem. Whatever frustration one might have with the fact that the show is Doctor Who and that maybe the Doctor should be in it, the truth is that he’s just about the least interesting thing in the first episode... The funny thing, if you want to call it that, is that this is wholly consistent with [Eric] Saward’s apparent intentions. He saw the Daleks as no longer interesting, and he genuinely believed the worlds the Doctor visited were more interesting than the Doctor himself. Yes, this is almost certainly a self-fulfilling prophecy, but, well, prophecy fulfilled. The show is clearly not working even at the most basic level. It is, in fact, providing almost the exact opposite of compelling drama. Virtually all of the good bits of Revelation of the Daleks come in spite of it being a Doctor Who story, not because of it.

Ollie passively resembles his comic counterpart, but really, his character's purpose seemed to be to outshine Clark at first and lead to the impression that Clark doesn't inspire the generation of heroes. After that, in a very special episode, he actually becomes Speedy and gets a drug addiction he's instantly cured of... He killed the Lex we originally knew and loved from this show. Clone Lex survives, but Ollie KILLED the original Lex... He was always just a weird hunk backdrop to distract us from the main character's lack of forward progress.
Neal Bailey on Smallville

I have some bad news for you. From here on out, it's pretty much the Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner Show, with the rest of the cast turning up for a cameo every once in a while just so you're not always looking at someone who's either bald or gold. In other words, the same as all of the other movies with the TNG cast.

Masters of the Universe rewarded eager young He-Man fans with a story about a teenage Courtney Cox and her dead parents.

Superman III is really The Wacky Adventures of Richard Pryor…oh and there’s some Superman as well. I don’t care what the original comic was, when you put Scott in the movie it should have been retitled Seann William Scott acts like a dumbass, and Chow Yun-fat is doing something too.

Chris: Snipes ended up suing both New Line and (David) Goyer himself for, according to Wikipedia, not paying him his full salary as a producer for the film, and locking him out of casting and filmmaking decisions. He also contends that he was given less screen time than he should’ve been, which I have to say I kind of agree with. If Blade II had a major flaw in not giving costars — and by that I mean Donnie Yen — enough to do, this one has the flaw of giving them way too much. They might as well have called it Blade Buddies. (Ryan) Reynolds even narrates the whole thing.
David: Well, Reynolds was an up-and-coming hot commodity when this came out, wasn’t he? Oh wait, wasn’t his only major role at this point Van Wilder?
Chris: That depends. Do you consider his role in one episode of X-Files to be major?
David: …no. But Van Wilder was really funny! When I was in college!
Chris: Then no.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Blade: Trinity

The major sin of 'Web of Life', much like its sister story 'Web of Death,' is the utterly ham-fisted way it tries to force readers into thinking mystery villain Kaine is an absolutely rockass new character who deserves his own ongoing monthly title. Actually, he was a pretty damn boring villain and gets worse once you know his secret backstory, but we’ll get into that later. For now, he’s just a generic more-powerful-than-thou douchebag with vague motivations and a hilariously terrible costume, who exists to destroy all possible sense of joy and entertainment in a comic."

"Russell Hantz, Boston Rob, and Rachel Reily aren't as bad...the main reason I call them the 'Uholy Trinity' is because they take up 80% of the screentime whenever they're on. And the more they're shown off by the editors, the more their eccentricities become less 'entertaining' and more 'downright obnoxious.'"
—A post on "Survivor Sucks".

    Web Video 

It's like if you're playin' Street Fighter II — or watchin' an anime of Street Fighter II: As opposed to M.Bison gettin' killed (or 'defeated', we should say) at the hands of Ryu or Ken, it's like, fuckin'...T.Hawk, is the guy that lands the final blow and brings down the empire.

...And that's pretty much it for the robots who, once again, only appear in about one fourth of their own movie, and even then usually as background noise to endless processions of military hardware on hand so Michael Bay can jack of his fetish for all things 'army'"