Quotes / Smug Super

"Tsk. These creatures - lesser beings - will they NEVER learn? First that upstart Dragon - hah - Slayer! He has seen what he faces. I trust HE will not return to the battle against ME! And now the sniveling whelp of a Dravix. They should all be like YOU, my loyal X'dir. You know your place. And what you would face should you oppose me."
Desoloth, AdventureQuest Worlds

"You little fool! You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth? Without the Genie, boy, you're nothing!"
Jafar, Aladdin

"Well, Saiyan, are you having any second thoughts about challenging a superior warrior to battle?! I cannot be defeated! Not by you or ANYONE!"
Frieza to Goku, Dragon Ball Kai

"You are a fool to challenge me. I am all-powerful!"

"Hahaha! What's this? You don't get it?! Ooh, this is rich! Come on, give it a shot! Work those brain cells! Nothing? Hahahaha! This is why you can't beat me, Rags! Write this down, 'cause there's gonna be a test later. I'm the one who created the Azure Grimoire!"
Terumi Yuuki, BlazBlue

"Good and evil are just words. Power always wins."
Dracula's victory quote against Trevor Belmont in his Castlevania: Judgment story run

What are you going to do? Grab the guy who can stop me? What was his name... Michael McDoesn'tExist?

Carnisoar: (about Dai Shi) Please, Lord Grizzaka, teach him the secrets of Zocato power. Together you'll be invincible.
Grizzaka: I'm invincible without him.
Jellica: But you will need his Rinshi warriors.
Grizzaka: Wrong again. My warrior will lead the Rinshi.

"You think a run-of-the-mill Magus like yourself can stand a chance against me, Rosenkreuz reborn? This is why I can't stand commoners... I have transcended humanity. I, Iris Zeppelin, have become a god! A worthless insect like yourself can't hope to stop me."
Iris Sepperin, RosenkreuzStilette

Eggman: (sees Sonic escape from another trap once again) I'll get you one of these days! (slams keyboard in anger)
Sonic: Oh well. Guess I'm just too fast for ya!
Sonic X

You are quite honestly inferior.
- -Khan, Star Trek: The Original Series, "Space Seed".

Korra: I can bend the elements. What can you do?
Protester: We can throw this rock at you! (Throws rock)
Korra: So could I. (Shoots it back)
— Avatard-The Pretty Legendary Story of Korra

Harrison: I am better.
Kirk: At what?
Harrison: Everything.

Shredder: No man, or freak, can defeat me!
Splinter: That remains to be seen.

Faith: (to Melissa) "I'm a far better lover than I am a fighter — and I'm an AWESOME fighter."
— said during their combat exam, Magick Chicks

Superman: (at Goku) "Who can stop this constipated jock,
with the awful animation and the complicated plot?
Who's got the RAP BOMBS that drop on Japan?!
This look like a job for the O.G.—"
Jimmy Olsen: (as Superman smirks and poses for photo) "SUPERMAN!!"
— from season 3 of Epic Rap Battles of History

P is for Priceless, the look upon your faces.
E is for Extinction, all your puny races.
R for Revolution, that will be televised.
F is for how Fucked you are! Now allow me to reprise.
E is for Eccentric, just listen to my song.
C is for Completion that I've waited for so long!
T is for the Terror upon you I'll bestow.
My name is Perfect Cell. And I'd like to say...


Everyone's a hero in their own way!
Everyone has villains they must face!
They're not as cool as
But folks, you know it's fine to know your place!
Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog