Quotes: Race Lift

Priest: Well, you should definitely see The Passion. It's a very important movie.
Huey: Couldn't see it. White Jesus.
Priest: Excuse me?
Huey: (sighs) Come on, man. It's supposed to be all historically accurate and they still got a white man playing Jesus? That's some old bullshit.

"I'm back and I'm black!"
Adolf Hitler, portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe in Movie: The Movie, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Miles Morales: Hey, do they have a Nick Fury where you come from?
Peter Parker: Oh, yes.
Fury: Yeah? What's he like?
Peter: Uh, white.
Fury: Sorry to hear that.

Frozone: Wait a second, what's this? Is that me?... I'm white! They made me a white guy?
Mr. Incredible: You're... You're... Black...ish...
Frozone: They made me a white guy!
Mr. Incredible: Well... Maybe the print's faded. You're tan. ...-ish?
Frozone: Wait, wait, wait. Is that supposed to be me? I sound like a, a... A what? A beatnik! Yeah, that's it, I sound like a beatnik!
The Incredibles, talking about a cartoon show starring Frozone and Mr. Incredible.

Watch as the ethnically diverse heroes you know and love are brought to life as generic white kids. And the ethnically diverse villains... stay ethnically diverse.

Johnny is in love with a local girl named Carmen Ibanez, played by Denise Richards. This is even more laughable than Whitey Rico, because of all the people you imagine might conceivably be called Carman Ibanez, it sure ain't Denise Richards.

If Idris Elba gets cast as James Bond, itll be the best move a studio has made since greenlighting Showgirls. Who cares if Idris Elba is 42 and will be close to kissing 50 by the time hes James Bond, if hes James Bond. Daniel Craig is 46 and will probably be a 50-something Bond himself. Id watch Idris Elba as a 75-year-old James Bond and Id still love seeing him catch the evil fucks while working a walker. But if Idris Elba plays James Bond, theyd have to change his agent code. He couldnt be Agent 007. If those pictures he said werent of his dick really were of his dick, then hed be Agent XX8andahalfmaybe9.
Michael K., "Amy Pascal Wants Idris Elba To Be The Next Bond"

Every scene Idris Elba is in is a resounding THAT'S WHY to all those doubters who wondered why they cast a black man as a Viking God.
Harry Knowles, in his review of Thor

In Street Fighter, Chun-Li pranced around like a seven-year-old pretending to hit people, giving her seven years more martial arts experience than Legend's Kirstin Kreuk, whose entire acting history of violent encounters is 'wanting to sleep with Superman.' While that does demonstrate incredible physical bravery it falls a bit short of being an Asian martial artist in important categories like being Asian and knowing martial arts.

She spends the first half-hour undergoing advanced Michael Jacksonification, morphing from an incredibly Chinese child to a skin tone that has only been achieved by Asians who are dead and under a flood light...The same insane casting director who hired a Canadian to play Chun-Li also hired a midget to play the final boss and told him to act Irish. There's such random nationality reassignment in this movie, you're half expecting Zangief to crop up chanting 'U-S-A U-S-A!'

I know, I know...singling out any one thing about Spawn seems unfair to the numerous other things it got wrong, from giving Spawn a kid and a dog as sidekicks to the needless way the script felt the need to explain how Jason Wynn's doomsday device works at least four times... According to Todd McFarlane, New Line basically told him he needed another white guy in a lead role, or the film would be stigmatized as a black movie and lose a potential audience share. So rather than sacrificing the male or female lead to whitewashing, he chose the best-friend character — which, funnily enough, adds a miscegenation element that arguably would offend racially prejudiced audiences even more than not having a white guy would.