Quotes / Punctuated! For! Emphasis!

Bill Corbett: Well, I think he certainly proved that THIS! IS! SPARTA!
Mike Nelson: Yeah, his kids make fun of him cause when he's handing out stuff on the 4th of July he insists on saying, "THIS! IS! A SPARKLER!"
Kevin Murphy: Or, when he's giving his car a tune-up and his kid asks, "Hey Dad, what's that small white thing with the metal at each end?" he always replies "THIS! IS! A SPARKPLUG!"
Bill Corbett: Or, when he sits down to a meal of juice, toast, milk, and Trix cereal...
Mike Nelson: Uh-oh, where's he going with this?
Bill Corbett: And he looks at his bowl of Trix and he says, "THIS! IS! SPART OF A BALANCED BREAKFAST!"
Kevin Murphy: Wow!
Mike Nelson: You pulled it off, nicely done!
300 (RiffTrax)

Bozo the Clown: It's now time to play Bozo's (Audience says along) GRAND! PRIZE! GAME!
— The opening to the Grand Prize Game segment on The Bozo Show.

"That many periods in one sentence can't be good for your brain."

"Let me reiterate. DOWN! LOWER! BITCH!!!"
Peter Bodd, Adam Sandler

Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy

"Stick the knife in his back, and twist! TWIST! TWIIIIIIIIIIIST!!!!"