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Quotes: Our Dwarves Are All the Same
Dwarves typically consist of seventeen main organs: the beard, the boozehole, the gratuitous Scottish accent, 13 livers and an axe.

Moreover, much like his elves, they aren't very distinct characters. Someone's said once that there are no dwarves in fantasy, just one dwarf copy and pasted all over with a few details changed, and in no other fantasy fiction I've seen truer evidence of this.
from Candlekeep forums, on R. A. Salvatore's dwarves

Gimli: Think about it. What is the defining characteristic of dwarves.
Aragorn: Low charisma?
Gimli: I mean besides that.
Legolas: Bearded women?
Gimli: Not that either.
The GM: Rampant alcoholism?
Gimli: No! Well, maybe a bit. I'm talking about the fact that dwarves are lawful!

Wow, a dwarf that smells like a brewery! You never see that ANYWHERE.

Bodhan: I've been looking everywhere for you, Messere. If only you humans didn't all look the same.
Hawke: We can't all be short and bearded like your people, Bodhan.
Bodhan: Indeed. It's quite a shame, really...

Dwarves are one of the easiest races in D&D to roleplay. They have well-defined personalities, and it's easy to imagine a dwarf character in your mind as you play. Everybody knows how dwarves are supposed to look and act. Accordingly, making a dwarf character is often a matter of deciding how much you want to play against type. You can be a doughty dwarf fighter, a sneaky dwarf archer/rogue, or even the vanishingly rare dwarf sorcerer.
Races of Stone, a Dungeons & Dragons supplement that discusses dwarves in depth.

Ideally humans will end up with enough parameters to end up like various different civilizations, and the other civilizations will probably become more alien to humans as humans take up more of the slack. Dwarves are an exception to that since they should keep some familiarity to be easily playable, and they should continue to exemplify the highs and lows of human craft and inebriation.
Dwarf Fortress creator Toady One, explicitly indicating how and why his dwarves will exemplify this trope.

Cleric: Does he have any distinguishing features?
Haley: Well...he's short.
Celia: He has a beard.
Haley: He wears heavy armor.
Cleric: Ummm, OK... how about any unusual personality traits?
Haley: He likes beer.
Celia: He has an accent.
Haley: He worships Thor.
Celia: And hates trees!
Cleric: Can you tell me anything about him that differentiates him from every other dwarf?

Now Dwarves, Sire, are like angry beards on legs. Angry, beer-soaked beards on legs.
Gnarl, Overlord

I'm a dwarf!
Skull, providing his new D&D character's entire backstory in Pv P

Player Character: I thought Dwarves were short with long braided beards.
Zaid: What? That's just an old stereotype! Most dwarves are normal height and prefer not to have ridiculous facial hair.

On this day, I counted how long we have endured the grobi's siege, for I thought we may have reached one hundred days. I searched out our records, their runes freshly marked, but could find no date for its commencement. I spoke to the king, but he said that I should dig for the answer myself.

I stood at the guard post in the western tunnels, but the grobi launched no attack today. When my watch was done I returned to my endeavour. I found the date that Thorntoad first attacked our patrols. I found the date the last trading boat reached us unmolested. I found the date we retreated from the hold of fine Urbaz north of the pass, the date our settlers were recalled from the highland meadows, the date we closed our gates and tunnels against our foes outside. But none of these was called the start of the siege.

I went to the king before my next watch and retold what I had found. I asked him which of these dates he thought was when the siege had begun. He called his oldest counsellor forwards, who placed before him a stone engraved. It was a thousand years old, and it was a copy of records long before that. The king pointed at a single line thereon, the journal of a day when our ancient kingdom was still young. It said that on this day was the kingdom of Karak Angazhar laid siege by the tribes of the grobi.

To my father, to his counsellors, to our ancestors, that was the first day of the grobi’s siege. And it will continue until the last drop of blood falls upon our stone, whether it be theirs or ours
— Extract from the personal ledger of Ung Gramsson, son of Gramrik, King of Karak Angazhar, Warhammer

Born underground, grown inside a rocky womb
The earth is our cradle; the mountain shall become our tomb
Face us on the battlefield, you will meet your doom
We do not fear what lies beneath
We can never dig too deep!

I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole
I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
Diggy diggy hole, digging a hole...

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