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Quotes: Obviousbeta
Things don't always work - that's right!
Things don't always work - it's true!
Things don't always work - can't lie!
Things don't always work - make do!

Some bugs are big,
some bugs are small,
some bugs let a semi drive through a wall.

Some textures are dark,
some textures are bright,
some textures show you a mirrory plight.

Some games run fast,
some games run slow,
some games run like a black powder Pinto.

Some games are alpha,
some games are omega,
some games are just an Obvious Beta.

"Things get worse under pressure."
Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics

#2: Thou shalt make sure your game actually works.

"Didn't get a lot of playtesting, that one."

"Playing this game is like driving a beat up old car. I'm always afraid it's going to break down."
AVGN on Super Pitfall for NES.

"I do not know how the hell Ride to Heck got cleared for release unless the entire QA team simultaneously resigned to start a shotgun-tasting business."

Elemental was released with so many bugs it would have made Starship Troopers jealous. ... Currently, Elemental's had more patches than a pirate ship and the things keep coming. Each patch fixes glitches or adds features, but it won’t fix everything.

"Privateer 2: The Darkening is virtually unplayable. No, really, it barely fucking works. Back in the day, I remember this game crashed all the goddamn time, but even today on the comparatively much more stable Dos Box systems, this game bombed almost every single time I ran it: It crashed when loading gameplay, it crashed when loading movies, it crashed when I took off, it crashed when I landed, it crashed when I tried to save, and load, and it even crashed when I tried to quit."
Noah The Spoony One Antwiler, on Privateer 2: The Darkening

"No other industry would be able to get away with what the technology industries get away with. Book publishers are not able to release a book with the understanding that despite some of the pages being missing readers will be able to grab them online when they’re eventually available. Shoe manufacturers don’t gradually release 6.1″, 6.2″, and 6.25″ shoes, claiming each one as the solution to people requiring a size 7. No mops fit into only certain buckets and eventually require you to buy a new bucket which will require a new mop in turn. Yet the technology industries thrive on such techniques because geeks happily allow them to."

"It's all very simple. It's just the IOS6 team adjusting reality to fit in with their maps app..."
mrbadger on the Egosoft Off-Topic forum

"Wow for a prototype I'm impressed. I'm really impressed."
"Sir this isn't the prototype this is the full version"
"*Twitch Twitch* (slowly removing his glasses)"
— President of Sega about Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Game Grumps, Sonic06

"...we delivered a game that was pre-alpha at best. It needed at least another three months, if not another six to get it to a playable level of quality. Knowing we didn't have much time, we cut a lot of corners, and left out features the fans liked, but would have been too time consuming to implement. It was a half-done game, and it shows."
Tim Lang, lead designer on Might and Magic IX

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