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Trivia Question: Which character has cried a total of three times over the course of Star Trek: The Original Series?
Answer: Spock


"If you think nothing can get to you, you're lying to yourself. At best you're temporarily dead. A lightning bolt can reanimate you without a warning."

"I do have feelings — I merely refrain from expressing them at the drop of a hat."

"You're not hurt, Watson? For God's sake, say that you are not hurt!" It was worth a wound - it was worth many wounds - to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.
Sherlock Holmes, "The Three Garridebs"

"You want me to express myself? LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Uncle Grandpa: Pizza Steve? What are you doin' here?
Pizza Steve: This is where I come to cry...
Uncle Grandpa: Huh?
Pizza Steve: I said, uh, this is where I come to be a COOL GUY.
Uncle Grandpa, "Bad Morning"

"Help me! I'm...feeling!"

"Oh... I thought I was done with this whole 'emotion' business."
Coach Stopframe, Moral Orel, "Honor"

"Do not let my calm demeanor fool you, RANGER! Now is not the time for your insubordination!"
Marshall Slacker Pentecost, Pacific Rim

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