Quotes / Malcolm Xerox

"I marched two million strong in D.C.
Lookin' eye-to-eye with brothers that I used to think below me."
Ice-T, "I Must Stand"

"You my brother, mahn. Brothers are the same color; how the hell you call these white men brother? Shit, mahn. That's shit! Brothers the same color. We sons of Mama Africa, you done forgot? You black, BLACK!... Why you with them? Leave that shit, mahn. They sell you out. That shit is old-fashioned. They enslave us—you forget that? How can they mean a black mahn any good? How they going to be your brother?"
Ras the Exhorter, Invisible Man

Marcus: White man with a gun. Same shit been happening to my people for four hundred twenty-five some-odd years.
Pip: Hey, you like working here, man? We're down, man. Hendrix was God.
Marcus: You wanna take a step back? You're standing on my dick, man.
Pip: Yeah, I seen that. Anthrax and Public Enemy, that was outta control, man. Together, you know. You catch that one, G?
Marcus: Don't call me "G".
Pip: What do you want me to call you?
Rex: Hey, come on.
Marcus: All right, that's it. I can't wait for you to put that gun down, 'cause when you do, we're gonna throw down. That's right. We're gonna get serious. Mano a swine.
Rex: Hey, look, just shut your pie hole and keep working.
Marcus: "Pie hole"? What's that supposed to be, some kinda cracker slang?