Quotes / Left 4 Dead 2

Coach: "Report unusual behavior. Barricade your homes. Avoid all contact with infected individuals. Wait for official instructions." Wait, my ass.
Ellis: (Cocks shotgun) Kill all sons-a-bitches, that's my 'ficial instructions.
—Intro Cutscene

Coach: Who the hell... puts an evac station... up thirty flights of goddamn stairs?
Nick: Come on, Coach. Maybe the helicopter... maybe it's made of chocolate.
—Intro Cutscene

This used to be a nice neighborhood!
Coach, Intro Cutscene

I have not... come this far... to die now.
Nick, Intro Cutscene/Near-Death dialogue

Okay, we'll set off the pyrotechnics, but I'm telling you right now. I AM NOT GOING TO AIR GUITAR.
Nick, Dark Carnival Finale

Nick: So, how are we going to signal Virgil?
Ellis: Oh, there's flares in the gun bag.
Nick: What gun bag?
Ellis: You didn't grab the guns?
Nick: Me?! Who died and made me gun monitor?!
Ellis: Pretty much everybody.
Coach: Look here, the gas station's right across the street. We coulda already been there and back by now. Come on.
Hard Rain Intro

Coach: Hello?
Military: Rescue 7, that's coming from the bridge! Bridge, identify yourself.
Coach: Hey! There's four of us on the bridge!
Military: Bridge, are you immune?
Coach: We are not infected.
Military: Negative Bridge. Are you immune? Have you encountered the infected?
Coach: [indignant] "Encountered"?! Boy, I am covered in zombie blood and puke, and eyeballs, and twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT!
The Parish Finale