Quotes: Language Equals Thought

"But, when it comes to changing the language, I think they [Feminists] make some good points, because we do think in language and so the quality of our thoughts and ideas could only be as good as the quality of our language."
George Carlin, Doin' It Again/Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics

Vimes: (to the D'regs) So you think you're fighting for your freedom?
Carrot: (trying to translate) That's a rather difficult question for a D'reg, sir. You see, their word for "freedom" is the same as their word for "fighting".

At bottom, every ideal of style dictates not only how we should say things but what sort of things we may say.

It is unknown why tribbles and Klingons find each other so distasteful, but a clue can be found in the fact that the words 'cute' and 'cuddly' are not listed in the Official Klingon Dictionary.
A footnote on the subject of Tribbles