Quotes / Internet Backdraft


Did we REALLY need another one of these fucking topics?

"Drama" only happens to people retarded enough to let it happen to them. Simple as that.
MC2, a M.U.G.E.N user

I, too, am a member [of GameFAQs]. However, because of how bad the general mainstream boards are, I hang around boards of games I like, such as R-Type Final.

I know that there are good people out there in GameFAQs, but almost anything new you say, or if you contradict popular opinion over there, will attract the flamers first.
JudgeSpear, a Mushroom Kingdom Fusion developer

The only thing dumber than an argument on the Internet is the same argument in real life.

No matter what happens, someone will find a way to take it too seriously.
Dave Barry Turns 50

"Hey! Wanna see a Game Grumps with a giant half-dislike bar?"
Jon Jafari as Arin makes his dislike of Turtles in Time known

Male Chicago Dancer: So, Checky, that's final, huh? You prefer Andrew Lippa's Wild Party to Michael John LaChiusa? Send!
Female Chicago Dancer: Yeah. I'm afraid so, Bruce Memblatt. I hate Michael John LaChiusa. Send!
Male Chicago Dancer: Oh, Checky? Send!
Female Chicago Dancer: Yeah? Send!
Male Chicago Dancer: Nobody trashes Michael John LaChiusa's Wild Party on my Facebook. Send! Control! Alt! Delete!
(The Female Chicago Dancer gets it and dies.)
Forbidden Broadway, "All That Chat"

"Debates held in the Internet 'Comments' section have to make me hate all of humanity less. Here's a recap of every debate ever held in an Internet "Comment" section. Ready? 'Obama's a socialist.' 'Oh, yeah? Bush is a war criminal, fag.' 'Who are you calling a ‘fag,' faggot?' The end. And then, of course, someone chimes in with, 'Ron Paul 2012!' and they call that guy a fag. And then I can't help myself, so I type, 'Gentlemen, gentlemen, please! This is a porn site!'"
Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher

Stephen Colbert: [on the topic of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the Doctor] Were you surprised that there was any backlash at all?
David Tennant: D'you know, whenever the Doctor changes there's a backlash, because that's a character that people love, so people get very affectionate about the Doctor they knew.
Stephen Colbert: Was there backlash for you?
David Tennant: Oh, sure! They were like, "Who's- Who's the weaselly looking guy?! Who's this?! I liked the last guy! This is not gonna work for me, I- This show is dead to me!" (mimes typing) "I resign from the internet, send!" There was a lot of that. And- and that happens every time!