Quotes / I Surrender, Suckers

"I'm done. I know when I'm beaten. A princess surrenders with honor."
Azula, shortly before she attacks Iroh, Avatar: The Last Airbender, "The Chase"

"That's how we throw our swords away in Ware."

Green Goblin: (to the police) I surrender!
Spidey: Oh boy.

"We surrender! Come a little closer!"
Ajax, standing behind a rather large ballista, Age of Mythology

She’s probably planning something like getting put in jail, then breaking out and showing us there’s no point in trying to catch her, because we can’t keep her. And she’ll do it with teeny-weeny bugs, make Tagg look bad, maybe get him fired.
Vista explains why nobody thinks that Skitter isn't planning something, Worm, Cell 22.1

Falco: Are you gonna listen to that monkey?!
Meteo Crusher: Ha. You're not as stupid as you look!!! (unleashes final attack).

"Ah, the traditional... flaming spear of peace!"
SFDebris on Farscape ("Different Destinations")

Dr. Nefarious: (melodramatically) *gasp* I am defeated! I have no choice *laughs to himself* but to throw myself on your mercy!
Ratchet: (surprised) Really? I mean... (sternly) That's right, Nefarious! Your rein of terror is finally—
Dr. Nefarious: (flying away) SUCKER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tirek, his arms thrown up as he pleaded for mercy, cowering until the greater demon had turned its back, before sinking a stolen dagger into its skull, sitting back to watch the army rip itself apart as accusations were thrown and demons battled, leaving a precious few to be absorbed into Tirek’s own warband.